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Friday, January 10, 2014

I finally ran outside, and the Red Dog Project

T G I F   

Thank god its Friday. 
 I know I say that every Friday, but this week was a doozie. 
 Thatcher packed up and moved to Salt Lake City- big change and adjustment for Olive and I,  and two of my best friends lost their uncle,  it was a sad week.   But the week is done, things are slowly looking up and if the day would hurry on up and turn into four o clock, that would be great.
Yesterday, I finalllllly was able to ditch the treadmill because the snow had melted and temperature stayed in the 20's to low 30's, basically a heat wave. 

Breakfast:  2 eggs, tomato, avocado, and bacon

Lunch:  Steamed white fish sandwich with avocado and tomato, reheated on my pannini press which is my hero at work 

All during the work day, the dog was driving me CRAZY.  Gym classes and dreadmill runs for me, means more couch time for her.   By the time Thursday rolled around, O was afraid she might explode from all that energy.   Olive would stare at me at work bark whine yelp and be absolutely obnoxious.  

I caved, braved the elements, and did my planned 3 miles on the track.  No ice, no road salt and sand (bad for doggie)  and no hills (mwahaha).  To keep the run semi interesting while running around in flat circles, I did some speed intervals.  I ran the longs and sprinted the ends.  No music, just counted laps and ran some intervals, all while crazy Olive sprinted around the track like a maniac.   I am very thankful for the fence, and even more thankful no ones thrown me out yet (a very large sign says no dogs allowed- but I go in the evenings and always bring doggie bags).   There is no dog park in this town and we both get to run two birds one stone. 

I had an early dinner, like 5:30 early (old lady Katie) 
 because I had some serious Runger after my speed work.

Dinner:  Raided the fridge at my parents house after my run,  
some leftover baked chicken, broccoli and rice.  

After dinner I sat around for a little bit, took a quick shower, and headed to a 7 o clock meeting for a new dog rescue I am volunteering with.  You should all check them out and consider donating.  

The Red Dog Project, (Part of Dog Days Adoption Events) pulls dogs from high kill shelters and places them at a foster program at the York Women's Prison. The dogs spend four weeks with the inmates, being socialized, trained, evaluated, etc, before they meet potential adopters etc! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THEIR SITE!  It is such an amazing organization, therapy for the dogs and the people, and I am so happy to be a part of this group.  

Do I have the time, no but I certainly have the heart. 
SO excited to keep kicking ass and saving lives.  

Happy weekend folks!
8 mile run on my rungenda (BAM just made that up)

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  1. My family hasn't believed that healthy food can also be tasty until they tried some of the meals from the pictures. Thanks for sharing the recipes.


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