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Monday, February 3, 2014

First February Weekend

Its February.  
While it's another long reminder of Winter for many... 
it is my birthday month, so I embrace it a little more than most.  
And I have AWESOME Birthday plans this year :) 

This weekend was a great start to a wonderful month to come.  I decided to cut my long run this week and take a "take back week".  A friend suggested after going three weekends "hard'  cut back one weeekend.  I also had a big swollen nasty bruise from my sister's horse kicking me.  So instead of doing my 11 miler on Friday, I just did another 6 miler.  I wasn't feeling great and decided to not push a bad run.  That made this weeks miles:
Monday:  5 miles   Wednesday:  3 miles   Friday:  6 miles-
Not bad. 

I also completed 69 miles for the month of February.  
Some runners do this in a week and a half, but 69 for the month is great for me!  11 miles on the agenda for this weekend.  After my run I went home, made some homebread dough for bread and pizza crust, and relaxed with the critters.  

Mornings usually start like this, but it is an extra special treat on a Saturday morning when I can sleep in a little later and enjoy Saturday morning snuggles with the pets.  

Saturday I spent the evening with my other family, The Buchanans, Tina, and Liz's fiance Mike.  Dinner at Aspen (yummy Lobster Mac) and drinks at the Old Lyme Inn.  Oh how I love these people!  

Sunday was a sunny warm day in Connecticut.  40s and sunny which felt like beach weather compared to the winter we have been having. 

Bradley enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine, 
a little bit of work, and lots of grooming.  

Is that a happy pony or what?

With the warmer temps, I could finally bring my table outside to finish.  Spray paint needs temperatures of atleast 50 degrees, so Sunday was the best we were going to get for a while.  A zillion coats of primer, and a zillion more coats of white paint.  Then one coat of gold on top, and a quick spray of a clear coat / protective coat. 

In LOVE with the way it turned out.  Can't get enough of the gold.  (I have already bought two cans of gold spray paint and painted my little pumpkins, picture frames, wooden trays, and now this table)  Swoon!

(before pics of the three pieces below) 

These three pieces (all re done by me!)  look fantastic together!  My apartment is super small but I am excited to have a little office "nook" now.  Somewhere to sit down and open mail and keep my important documents.  

Like I said, I am in LOVE with the gold top. 
In Love. 
Ten dollar table to glamorous gold topped table :) 

After the table I worked on the weeks food prep.  Roasted veggies (brussels, carrots, sweet potato and beets).  I knew these would make a great side for lunches for the week. 

I also made a lightened buffalo chicken dip so I could join the superbowl food fun.  I used the light creamcheese and light ranch which helped to cut a few calories.  Topped it with scallions and my home made bread-  Winner winner.  

Popped some veggie eggs into a muffin tin to bake for a weeks worth of breakfast/lunch sammies.  

Veggie egg scramble on an english muffin with tomato and avocado.  Can do these for lunch or breakfast with my side of roasted veggies.  

Monday I woke up to this.  
Sunday nearly 50 and sunny, Monday another snow storm. 
Mother nature can be so moody.  
Typical New England. 

Before running out the door and into the snow,
I packed my gym bag for after work.   Winter running gear for a 3-5 mile run, and shorts and a tank top for body pump later today.  I missed pump last week so I am SO excited to get back into it.  I really love body pump and wish I could go more than 2x a week. 

Oh, and this happened.  This adorable little black sparkly headband to rock at Body Pump.  Cannot wait!  So much to look forward to today.  

And how perfect is this little notebook for this month.
Happy February friends.
Keep calm and love on ;)

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