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Saturday, January 18, 2014

9 miles for Meg's Miles

 Have you heard about Meg's Miles?

Meg was hit by a drunk driver January 13th 
while on a 13 mile training run for the Boston Marathon.  
I did not know Meg personally,  and I didnt' need to to feel so sad...
 but if I know anything, it's that the Running Community is made of the some the strongest, 
and most caring people I know.  

Meg Cross Menzies

"News of the avid runner's tragic death has left the close-knit community heartbroken. Menzies was about a mile away from home when she was mowed down.  The religious woman doted on her three young children, sons Gabriel and Whitfield and daughter Skye, and described herself as a 'full-time mom'. Doug Fernandez, who ran with Menzies in the Richmond Road Runners club several times a week, said the town was in 'shock'. He said Menzies was training for the Boston Marathon in April.  'We all like a big family. Total disbelief about it; it's just like it's not real,' he told  It's a total shock. Difficult [to] accept … don't know how we gonna get over this. She was a very happy, outgoing runner, the nicest person you could ever meet.'

Read more: Full Article Here 

When I heard about Meg's Miles  (a group of runners pledging to dedicate their Saturday run to Meg), I wanted to be a part of this.  So often we complain about running, and how much we hate it, but its so easy that we forget how lucky we are that we CAN run.  

I ran my 9 mile loop around the lake with Olive, with Meg in my thoughts.   It was a beautiful sunny day, the swans were on the lake, the sun was shining, and it seemed like the perfect time to remember a fellow runner.  I thought about Meg on the calm serene down hill, and really reflected on her when the hills were steep, and the run got tough.  As much as my legs hurt, and my lungs ached, I am so grateful to have another day here with the people I love.

Get out there and run or walk for Meg.  
Join the Facebook page Meg's Miles and 

Tag your location Here on this map
 Fill out this form so we can track how many miles we ran for Meg.  Click here for the form.

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