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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five Mile (PR) Monday

Monday's are usually the pits. 


This Monday was pretty fantastic.  

After a resting casual weekend, I woke up Monday ready to take on the world.  
Before I take on the world, I need to share the awesomeness that is a cat beard.  

Yes this is a real thing.
And yes that is me in the upper left hand corner.

I really felt the need to share this with you all.
Okay, back to normal things. 

Within the last hour or so of work, I complained to Stacie I was tired wanted to nap, and I did not want to run.  But the marathon training schedule said so.   I decided I was going to drive home walk in my apartment and IMMEDIATELY get changed grab the dog and go before I decided a nap was the better choice.  

I really enjoyed this little piece of motivation to help kick me out the door.  
Sorry for the sailor talk, 
but I am pretty sure youths don't read running blogs any way.  

Temperature was in the 40's before I left for work, which was basically a heat wave.  By the time I got home, it was 30 and dropping.  Mother Nature you are mean.   Then the wind... oh that wind.  Please note the feels like 24 degrees and I think that was being QUITE generous.

I headed out with my  Underarmour coldgear fitted tights (very warm and my legs are less purple and deformed looking when I get home), a long sleeve running top, my Lulu Lemon 360 Reflective Get Up and Glow Jacket (with a few chewed pockets), my Newton Gravity Sneakers (2012 version baby), my LuLu headband, and pulled on my hood (love the ponytail hole!) 

Olive wore her reflective vest, gentle leader harness, and extendable leash that I buckle around my waist for hands free running.  
If you run with your dog you NEED these three items!

The first five minutes of my run were brutal.  My legs felt great, my brain was right, it was my lungs that were on fire with the bitter cold dry air.  After a few minutes I adjusted to the weather and my body fell in sync.  It is pretty rare that I go on a run and its feels good.  It felt just right, comfortable, and happy.  I don't know if it was the cold that pushed me to run fast, or the sheer joy of being off the treadmill and enjoying the outdoor with my dog.  Whatever it was, it was amazing. 
Oh, this is when people say they love running...

I stopped to take a few pictures of the sun setting
 over Cedar Lake and Pattaconk Lake in Chester. 
Man did I miss running outside. 

Five mile run with some hills, 
with an average pace of 8:36 min/mile.
New PR for me!!!!!!

I was getting doom and gloom about marathon training 
so this run with a good time that felt SO RIGHT --it was exactly what I needed. 
I needed the confidence boost and a feel good run. 

To continue my awesome day, I met my dive buddies at the Brushmill in Chester for some Prime Rib  For 20$ you get a soup or salad, a GIGANTIC prime rib with two sides, and dessert.
Such a deal and with good company.

AND THEN I came home to these beautiful shoes.  I got suckered into a Shoe Fab membership and needed to use some credits.  Stacie sent me some recommendations and I followed her advice. 

Say Hello to my Little Friends

Zip up tan booties<3  Swoon 

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  1. CUTEST dog reflective vest! i miss running with my parent's dog and need one! xo


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