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Monday, January 27, 2014

My 10 mile weekend

Good morning!  

Hoping everyone is starting off the weekend on the right side of the bed.  If there is such a thing.   Here in New England the forecast was Snow Cold Snow Cold.  Friday was my scheduled 10 mile long run, and of course the roads were icey, snowy, and the temperatures in the teens. Single digits and below with the wind chill.  

Committed to staying on track, I grabbed my sneakers, turned on netflix, and  headed to my parent's basement to put in my 10 miles on the hampster wheel.  

Pre Long Run Breakfast:  
Bagel thin with light cream cheese, fresh scallions, 
and a side of honeydew melon.

To break up the monotony a little, I ran my first five miles, took a one minute break to grab a cliff bar and water, and ran the other 5 miles.  I ran it nice and slow and played around with the incline a little big, trying to break up this boring treadmill run.  I even had breaking bad playing on Netflix, but this long of a run on a treadmill is just torture for me! 

Saturday morning I woke up craving a big weekend breakfast.  I used a yam to make a "hash", pulled two sausage links from the freezer, grabbed a bagel thin, and scrambled two eggs with leftover veggies in the fridge.  I topped the concoction with half an avocado and my big Saturday breakfast was complete. 

After breakfast I grabbed Peterson, my brother's dog, and Lily, my sister's dog, and met Olives best friend Thule the golden retreiver at the preserve in Essex for a long Saturday snowy hike. 

Long hilly 3+ hour hike, about 4+ miles -- a nice little cross training and stretch after the dreadmill run.  And it is always nice to have a tired pup (or four). 

The rest of Saturday involved, tv naps and books.  
Sunday was a low key day, just how we like it.  
Slept in, cleaned up, painted some furniture, and took a complete rest day.   
I forgot how good doing nothing feels!  

Clean apartment + tired dogs + lots of cooking = happy Katie.

Will be posting a yummy lightened banana bread/muffin recipe later today! 
 Stay tuned!

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