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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

APS Protein Powder Review and a Coupon Code!

Let me guess.
A part of your resolution this year is to eat healthier and exercise more
It is always one of mine and I met a lot of my fitness goals this year.  

I ran four half marathons
PR'd at the Colchester Half  Marathon and ran my first 13.1 in under 2 hours. 
Became a morning runner
Ran my fastest turkey trot five miler
Set a new personal distance record of 18 miles
Got my 5k and 10k pace down to 8:30 minute miles

I really accomplished a lot this year 
with the help of friends, family, and some new products. 

 If you are looking to make the change to a healthier lifestyle during 2014, 
I have a great product for you.    
I decided to try out a few protein powders in the spring,
 to supplement my diet and marathon training for a few reasons:    

* A scoop of most protein powders has 20 grams of protein- that's the same as a 3-ounce chicken breast.  
Adding a scoop of protein powder to my breakfast keeps me full longer.  

* It's digested easily and it's easily absorbed making it a great post-workout recovery drink, aiding in muscle recovery.

When All Pro Science contacted me regarding their product. 
 I was really excited.  
I have been wanting to try a different protein powder, 
and REALLY wanted to make some protein powder pancakes.  

I typed the name into Google and exclaimed:   
"They sell it at Whole Foods... It has to be good".

23g of Protein per serving
Vitamin and Mineral fortified
Good source of Calcium and Amino Acids
Only 3g of naturally occurring sugar
No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or fillers
Made from Grass Fed Whey Concentrate 
Hormone-Free Dairy (BHG-Free)

Then I saw the flavor options:  
Banana Cream
Bavarian Chocolate
French Vanilla
Strawberry Creme
Cinnamon Roll 
Mocha Latte
Pumpkin Spice 

I received the 100% grass fed whey cinnamon roll flavored protein powder and started to put it in just about everything.   
Cinnamon Roll APS plus....
PB Banana:   Vanilla almond milk, half a banana, and peanut butter 
Blueberry Pie:  Vanilla almond milk, half a banana, frozen blueberries and mango 

One scoop of APS, a banana, two eggs
Throw all the ingredients in your bullet. 
Mash the banana in a bowl, 
add two beaten eggs and a scoop of protein powder.  
Mix well. 
If yours are a little too runny, add some flax seed or ground oatmeal. 
Add in your favorite toppings. 


Add a scoop into your oatmeal, homemade or the packs if you are as lazy as me! 

I throw a scoop in with vanilla almond milk and it taste JUST like a milk shake

I add a few scoops to my brownies or blondies.  
Recovery dessert anyone?

Open up the container, grab the pre-measured scoop, and throw it in just about anything.  I loved the cinnamon roll flavoring for my sweet tooth, smoothies, pancakes, and baking.    I have my eye on the Bavarian Chocolate too!  If you want to make this product even easier to use and on the go, you can buy the single packs.  

I love this product,  I love the health benefits, I love the high quality ingredients, and I love the reviews.  Big tub of protein powder, or packs on the go.  Put it in your smoothies, make some pancakes, throw it in your desserts.  I know its a little pricey, but wait......

Head on aver to APS and get their products for 40% off!
Use code  RAGNAR40 at checkout!

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