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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Katie's 80's Workout Playlist

Finally, the cold is gone and I can resume my normal schedule 
Working out and kicking butt!
On the Wednesday Agenda was a 3 mile dreadmill run
(thanks for nothing snow and artic vortex...)  and Body Pump

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After missing my weekend class, I walked into Wednesday night Body Pump 
feeling awesome and excited to rock out to my 80's jams.

I grab my weights and set up my bench in my normal spot, 
behind this super fit MILF who I use as my baseline.  
I am not sure if she knows, but we are secretly having a competition.  
I make sure my weight matches hers in every routine.  
In my head I see who's ahead and who took more breaks.
That's right.  I am half insane.

I get geared up, and the music starts.  
And it is not from the 80's.
It is horrible poppy rocky techno music gone wrong.

I was so upset, I wanted to throw something, 
Preferably this 30 pound bar on my back  while I am doing 7 million squats to some rock techno version of Black Betty.  

I was so mad.  I get so excited to workout to 80s jams with Ray cracking jokes...... I love the squat session jamming out to Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistible (of which I purchased on Itunes IMMEDIATELY after leaving class).   I was so mad that I actually stopped the class to ask Ray if we could have the 80s mix back.   What did we do to deserve this.  

He said no, there was a "launch"  (new music and routine coming out) that was really hard so he was giving us some of the harder routines for the next two weeks to prepare us.

I was so sad.  Good Bye 80's

I decided to put together my own 80s play list with some of my favorites from Body Pump.  Enjoy this awesomeness while I have to go endure another ab session of Party Rock -  


  1. I love this(the playlist that is)! New running playlist perhaps....

    1. it should be! we can play it on speaker during our runs!

  2. Jeez, I wish I had a name that rhymes with "eighties". Solid 80's workout list there...ah Madonna. I so remember dancing to Vogue, on stage at a club in downtown Toronto. Brings back...though for what it's worth, fave Madonna song is Borderline. Maybe not idea for running, but such a heartwarmer.

  3. Ha! It is awesome! Borderline.... may need to add it to the list!


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