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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Well, hopefully the weather was a little tamer where you were this weekend!   Over here in New England, Friday we had a snow storm,  Saturday temperatures below zero,  Sunday a slight rain which turned roads into ice skating rinks, Monday 55 melting all that snow,  and today back to the single digits.  

Mother nature really needs to get her act together.  I had a good weekend despite the weather so I thought I would share my workouts with you, and of course some of the pictures of the delicious meals I made.    It was a bittersweet weekend,  lots of family and friends, but had to say goodbyes and send Thatcher on his way to a new job off in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Friday:   7 mile run on the treadmill (roads too snowy and icey)
Saturday:  8 am Hot Power Yoga and walk on the track while the pups played 
Sunday:  8 am Body Pump and 1 mile walk with the dog 

Monday was my rest/ride the horses day and today is a run and body step class! 

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