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Monday, August 4, 2014

Two more weeks and grilled lobsters

Less than two weeks until the LB MO Wedding, and about 2 weeks until I leave Connecticut and move West!  I can't believe we are approaching single digits in the countdown.  

This week marks my last week of work, and next week is a week of relaxing and sun and fun before the wedding weekend extravaganza.  These next few weeks will be filled with lots of friends and fun, now that I am done packing and a little less stressed.

I spent all of Saturday and Sunday organizing, packing, and moving all of my boxes to the garage.  That was a workout in itself (so many stairs) but in the spirit of being healthy and an upcoming wedding, I decided to keep on keeping on.  

For workouts, Saturday:  9am Body Pump, a 10am Core class, 2.5 mile walk
Sunday:  Horse show and 3 mile run/walk.  

After the horse show and run/walk Sunday, I met up with some of my beautiful gal pals- which happen to be fellow bridesmaids and the bride to be herself.    

(I picked up a bouquoet of fresh flowers because, well, who doesn't love fresh flowers?)

First order of business was meeting up with Elisa, to go make a stop at her moms house to get our dresses hemmed.  
Elisa's mom is very talented and was able to hem our dresses for us.  
Thanks Kim!

(Elisa and I in our pinned dresses.  The dresses are beautiful and while we looked great in them, we felt a little.... Restricted.  The fabric has no give and these dresses failed the sit test.  So, with pretty blue dresses as our motivator, we got the girls together for a healthy dinner.) 

Lobsters were on sale for $4.99 at shoprite so we decided on Lobsters, Veggies, and Salad.  Healthy carb-less dinner for these ladies trying to squeeze into their dresses!

I decided to grill the lobsters because we were outside, its summer, and I did not want to make a lobster mess inside.  I am not going to lie, its a pretty traumatic experience so if you want to avoid the mess and trauma, shoprite will steam them in the store for free. 
If you do decide to grill them, take your knife, and make an incision in the underside of their head before throwing them on a hot grill.  They will twitch and move around still and I hear this is normal.  Throw them on a hot grill covered for 8-10 minutes (ours took a little longer).  They still moved around a bit on the grill which is normal as well.


Despite the trauma, they were DELICIOUS and kept their briney flavor that gets lost when boiled in water.

Before the lobsters hit the grill, we grilled some eggplant, squash, and asparagus, that was marinated in olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, and garlic. 

On the side, I made a salad with romaine, snap peas, onionm mushrooms, red pepper, avocado and gorgonzola with a home made balsamic dressing.  

We also made some cocktails with vodka (gin for me) and flavored club sodas.  Even our cocktails were on the skinny side. 

This healthy dinner really kick started a desire for a week of healthy eating for me.  While I was making our dinner salad, i prepped a few salads for lunch for the week as well.  I am also going to try to drink as much water as possible and stick to me running goal of some longer distance this week.

That is, if Saturdays Body Pump soreness ever goes away. 

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  1. The dress looks amazing!!! You look fantastic!
    And Mmmm lobster....


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