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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Hike and Meetups

Saturday was my first attempt at getting back into fit running active Katie.  After a wedding weekend and a road trip, I am excited to get back to a routine and workout schedule. 

First off, Thatcher and I took Olive for a hike at the Bonneville Shoreline (tease) Trail.  No, there is not a shoreline but the valley/city was once a lake I was told, so I just had to use my imagination with this one.  While there was no water to be seen, or shoreline to enjoy, the hike was gorgeous.  And HARD.   As I am huffing and puffing walking up these trails, runners and bikers are flying by me.  To say it was humbling would be an understatement. 

Today's goal is to go find some decent trail running/hiking shoes because my lovely Newtons just won't cut it on the trails.  This week will be back to road running and hoping to adjust to some trail running soon.  Because seeing these people run up the trails I can barely walk up makes you feel pretty terrible about yourself.  

After my humbling hike, I joined the Salt Lake City Runners Club on  I really love the meetup website and was really excited to join a meetup group here in the city.  While there are meetups everywhere, there are more options being in the city vs. back in CT.  I figured joining the meetup was a good way to A)  meet some people and B) find some motivation to run.  Running with my friends at home was my key to success back home so I wanted to try this here.  The next scheduled run was today, at 9:30-12:30, run followed by brunch.   I am going to give myself some time to adjust to the altitude and then Maybe start joining next week.  

Off to find some shoes!  


  1. Ok, I'll admit it. It's gorgeous there! Love the pic of Thatcher holding Olive. So cute!
    Such a great idea with the running club! Great way to meet some people and stay on track. I've always been afraid to join a running club because I'm so slow. (Plus you know where I live... not many options!) Do they have different pace groups?

    1. It is really pretty! But definitely missing the coastline.

      I am really excited about the running club but I am TERRIFIED! I am assuming they have different pace groups? I have to read into the group a little more. I am super scared because A- the hills are are not hills, they are mountains, B- the altitude is a challenge in itself, and C- i am not in the best running shape! I may email the guy who runs the group just to ask him a few questions so I show up a little more prepared :)

    2. You definitely should! Can't hurt to ask. I imagine they must have different pace groups.... Or maybe they'll know of one that's a better fit to get you started in the new conditions.


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