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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Week Home

This week, has been my last week home.  Not only has it been my last week, but I took the week off of both jobs to spend some time in the sun and tie up a few lose ends.  I figured I would run an errand here, an errand there, maybe a day trip to Block Island or Newport, Rhode Island.

Well, as you can guess, none of that happened.  Funny things about having time off is:  A.  everyone is at work so you really have no one to do all of these fun things with and B.  you need to catch up on all the stuff you can't do when you work 9-5, or sometimes in my case, 8am to 11pm. 

Instead of soaking up the sun on the beach this week, I got an oil change, got my seat reupholstered, packed and organized for my road trip, finished packing for my move to Utah, did some wedding related errands with Liz, got a mani pedi (finally relaxation), went to Body Pump Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, had my last riding lesson Tuesday, cooked a few Blue Apron meals, dealt with some school and financial issues, got my bridesmaid dress hemmed, and about a few hundred other things.

Not what I wanted, but it still feels good to get things done and feel "Ready" for this move. 

In the little free time I have had, I have made sure to do some diving, take the dog to the beach, and go clamming.  I am really struggling with this whole "no more ocean" thing... can you tell?

On that note, I just wanted to warn you all that you might not hear from me for a few days.  Friday is a BBQ and rehearsal dinner, Saturday Liz's wedding, Sunday Brunch and Vanessa's wedding, and then I leave bright and early Monday for Utah.

I will try to check in one more time before I go (with a road trip prep post) but I can't make any promise.  I do promise to have some awesome posts and recap when I do get settled in Utah.  A recap for Liz's wedding weekend, and my road trip across the country (with a boy, a dog, and a cat... oh my!)

The one place I do constantly update though, is instagram, so if you are really missing me... find RunningARagnar on Instagram.  

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to check back in with a post on "East Coast Girl Moves West".
A move to Salt Lake City and starting Grad School a week from Monday.  And let's not forget a whole new city to run though and explore. 

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