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Friday, August 1, 2014


Now that I no longer have a class pass to the Northeast Fitness Factory, there is a large hole in my workout plan.  I am no longer getting in these hour long ass kicking workouts and the scale and my body are reminding me of that. 

So instead, I have had to improvise.  And I thought the best way to do this (and free way) would be through running.  But as all runners know, running can be boring, tedious, and when it starts to feel like work, we are likely to give it up.  So to change it up and keep it interesting, I vowed to set different goals every week.  

This weeks goal was:  FREQUENCY. 

So I vowed to get out there running as much as possible this week.  Every day if I could.  Time didn't matter, speed didn't matter, and I picked a few days to walk instead of run to give the body some time off. 

Saturday:  3 mile run
Sunday: 3 mile run
Monday:  3 mile walk with mom
Tuesday:  3 mile run
Wednesday:  3 mile walk with mom
Thursday:  3 mile run.  

The whole healthy eating has been a little up and down, but for the most part I would say OKAY.  My sweet tooth has been OUT OF CONTROL and I can't seem to
"get full".   Solution: I am trying to introduce more smoothies as a hydrating fruity healthy a and surprisingly filling snack.  This concoction was unsweetened almond milk, frozen pineapple, blueberries and protein powder.  Delicious!  

Next week, I am going to make my running goal DISTANCE.  I have been in this 3 mile rut for a while, and now that I got frequency done, this coming week I want to run less days but longer distance. 

Cheers to smoothies and new goals! 

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