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Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 miles -- Accountability and Setting Goals

Yesterday, I got out there and did what I SAID I was going to do. 
And that folks, is worth celebrating.

I have gotten pretty consistent with my running.  I have gotten out there nearly every day to run, walk, or do some combo of the two with the dogs.  With that being said, I have gotten pretty lazy and comfortable with my running.  Almost always three miles, sometimes 2 when I am short on time, usually running, sometimes walking, and like I said, sometimes a run/walk combo when it's both A.  really hot and B.  short on time.

If you remember last week, I said last week's goal was to get out there consistently (nailed it) and this weeks goal was to add in more distance.  Well, I said it so I felt obligated to go do it.  And this is why I love this little blog.

Monday:  2 mile walk
Tuesday:  3 mile run/walk
Wednesday:  5 mile run (no walking this time!)

As you can see by our faces, it was quite warm.  I made sure we ran a route that was mostly shaded so my furry black gal pal didn't over heat.  Unfortunately, this was also the hillier route.   Usually when it is a little warmer I will do a combo of run walk but we managed to find that great shady road, and I was a little short on time before scuba Wednesday.  We went low and slow, and got out of our three mile comfort zone.  

If you are in a running slump.......... 
Take some advice from the queen of running slumps.

Change. It. Up
Set some goals
Ditch the music
Schedule and announce your intentions to run!

I can't express to you guys how important it is to set weekly "goals" and to "broadcast" them.  I am really good at making excuses for myself, so by setting weekly goals and stating them here, I am motivated to do something different each week, and also feel that I am being held accountable for my runs (or lack there of!).  I also change it up when I am feeling really unmotivated.  I don't feel like running? Fine I will run/walk 1/4 mile intervals.  Or maybe I will just walk today.  Walking miles or better than no miles.  

  I have also been leaving my music and phone at home to tap into my own thoughts, and just for a nice unplugged change. 

Start thinking now about your goals and see you in your sneaks!

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