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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Running in the city: Recap 1

Happy Thursday!  

I figured today was a good point to stop and recap my re-intro back to running.  I have been running all summer, but never seriously and a little more here and there with the wedding and the move. 

I decided this new city, and this city where running and fitness is the way of life, was a good place and time to "re-dedicate" myself to running if you will.  I have been a little nervous about the heat, the altitude, and the elevation, but thankfully, it has been a mild week in Salt Lake City.  So that just leaves altitude and elevation...

Monday was the start of a new week.  I decided it was time to lace up my Newtons and try my luck at this running thing.  Olive and I drove to the capital and ran three miles around the beautiful capital building. 

There is a nice little crushed stone path that circles the capital (about .70 miles each lap).  I ran two laps around the track, and my last lap around the block. While it is relatively flat on the trail,  there was a hill as you went up the block which proved to be REALLY challenging.  I was already gasping for air with the altitude difference, so this hill hit me HARD. 


As you can see by my pace..... it was not my  best run.  I was gasping for air and losing the battle of the hills.  And when I stopped I felt like I was going to hit the deck.  But the weather was nice, and the view was spectacular, so after catching my breathe, I realized I was going to survive and it just wasn't my best run.

 So I am going to stick with a bad run is better than no run.

Wednesday i set out for some "RUNDEMPTION"  run redemption (just made that up!).  You know, that feeling after a reallly bad run where you just need a good run to prove you actually can run, and you don't always feel like a 300 lb person with Asthma.

I decided to head to Liberty Park, where it was shaded and FLAT and take two struggles out of my run.  So I had a flat area to run in the shade, now I just had to battle the altitude.  

This was already my second time running at Liberty Park, and my third time visiting it, so I knew it was going to be a beautiful fun.  (you can read about my first time at the park HERE) I also knew each lap was about 1.3 miles.  

AND I knew where the people and dog water fountain was so we could run our laps without having to carry water.   The water is constantly flowing from a natural underground spring and taste 100x better than the water in Thatcher's apartment.

The park is absolutely beautiful and we had a great run.  We did one mile at an easy pace, and the next three miles fast on the long stretches and slow on the corners.  It was nice to run in the park where it was shaded, different terrains, no traffic, and no stop lights.  

Avg Pace

I had negative splits and an overall pace of 8:49, and a longer distance of 4 miles
 so I am feeling MUCH more confident on my altitude adjustment and running
 abilities. Well, I was feeling confident until I decided to bike to class today.
                     But that's for another day. 

Hope you are all running and enjoying the summer weather. I am hoping to 
    build up my endurance and lungs a little more so I can do some Running Club 
                                     group runs and trail runs!

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  1. I've never been to Utah, or really out west at all. It looks beautiful and I'm glad your transition is going well :)


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