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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Road Trip Essentials

Hey Guys!  Posting from Kearny, Nebraska!   Apparently home to the University of Nebraska (note to self, do not ask the people in the grocery store what the Huskers are--- they will look at you like you have three heads and when you ask again they will guffaw some more and finally explain that is the school mascott... the Nebraska Corn Huskers).  We aren't in New England any more!

We have passed so many corn fields and open space and I am happy to be almost to Utah.  Day two of my 36 hour road trip and I wanted to share some of my road trips essentials with you-- some of my tricks and tips that has been a savior on this trip.  Summer is road trip season so it's not to late to pack some of these ideas into your car the next time you pack up for a road trip.

To start, I laid everything out on the bed... and Olive thought she would help.  Some of the items I purchased and some of the items I received during a going away party.  My mother had a bin and everyone brought an item to put in the bin for my "road trip essentials". 

Personal:  Wipes, tissues, advil, sleep masks, tooth brush to go, and lots of food (trail mix, gold fish, candy, fruit leathers, granola bars, etc).  Magazines, maps and a Trip Tik!  If you are a AAA member, you can have AAA make you a Trip Tik- turn my turn directions for any road trip with pictures, maps, and construction updates.  Save your phone battery, and even if you want to use your GPS, this sucker is good in no service areas!  Also, GPS only updates when you plug it in to your computer.  These are updated the day they are printed!

Dog stuff!  
Water bowl, safety belt (connects harness to seat belt), treats bones and chews!

All of my gift cards and gas cards that were given to me during the going away party. 
I also kept all of my receipts and kept track of my mileage.

A bin of cash! I do not have an EZ Pass so I needed a handful of cash for the tolls.  My mom had everyone sign the bills they left for a little reminder of home as I paid my tolls!

Starbucks iced coffee (with milk, lightly sweetened) and redbulls for tired eyes. 

So I had all my stuff organized on my bed, now I needed to store it in my car.  I used an over the door shoe hanger and filled the pockets with all of my goodies.  Now you can easily reach back to the seat to get all of your road trip necessities! 

In Action! 

Another important reminder is to have a small bag with your clothes and toiletries so you arent lugging in a suit case to the hotel every night.  Also, I packed a bin specifically for the critters.  Litter, good, toys, leashes, harnesses, snacks, and other fun pet goodies. 

Other great road trip necessities:
Electronic Chargers
Extra keys
Running Sneakers! (I took Olive for a 2 miler in Indiana yesterday!)
Audio Books  
  (Audio books and Spotify Comedy channels have been a savior for when I get sleepy on the road and need to pay more attention.  Well... that and Red Bull).

Okay friends.  I am off to bed.. one more day of driving.

See you in Salt Lake City 

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  1. wow, you're organized! love this...and love all the gift cards people gave you, how sweet! SAFE TRAVELS TO HOME SWEET UTAH! jealous!



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