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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly wrap up May 26th to June 1st

Hello Monday!  I am sorry to see the weekend go but looking forward to the start of another week and hopefully some beautiful weather!  I had a fantastic weekend full of wedding fun.  Saturday was centered around bridesmaid duties while Sunday I hung out with the guys before my best friend from college got married.   Such a fun weekend and such a productive week!

(I spent my Sunday with these guys helping them get ready, and then watched Seth marry the love of his life-  Solid Sunday right there!)]

(What I wore to the wedding, and proof that hard works pays off! And how amazing are my shoes! I didn't break an ankle either!)

Over the weekend, I decided that I want to try to make Mondays my weekly wrap up post and use it as a time to reflect on last weeks workout schedule and set goals for the upcoming week.  So... here goes round 1!

(My 5 mile run in Old Saybrook, CT with Jill followed by a starbucks treat!)

Monday- 3 mile run  2 hour paddle
Tuesday-  1 hour paddle
Wednesday- 45 minute HIIT Class
Thursday-  5 mile run
Friday- Tabata Class
Saturday-  3 mile run
Sunday-  Body Pump Class

(Kayaking in Old Lyme, CT)

I was realllllly happy with this weeks workout.  I got in a workout every day and it varied from classes to running to kayaking.  Yes there was no designated "rest" days but I made sure to alternate my workouts.  Kayakin gave the legs a day off etc etc.  And I make sure to not run two days in a row unless I am feeling really guilty.

My goals for this coming week:

Monday:  Kayak
Tuesday:  3 mile run
Wednesday- 45 min HIIT class
Thursday- 5 mile run
Friday-  Tabata class
Saturday- Boot camp
Sunday- (Horse show) off or a slow short run

Do you set weekly work out goals?  What does your week look like?


  1. Your dress is GORGEOUS!! Did all the bridesmaids wear it? You'll have to message me where it's from.
    I have GOT to start up an exercise routine. My body is aching after carrying around this 15 lb baby! ha

    1. Hey Rachel~ I actually wasn't a bridesmaid just a guest! and that is my FAVORITE FAVORITE dress- i wear it despite a slightly noticeable red wine stain! Ill message you too but its reallly old from Forever 21 for like 30 bucks! Hard to find unfortunately! But I love it! I wear it all the time my go to feel good dress!

      And carrying a 15 lb baby is a lot of work and you look fantastic!!! never mind for having two kids! Inspiring!

  2. My workouts this weekend looked like this:
    Friday: Cheeseburger and a milk shake
    Saturday: pizza
    Sunday: Donut

    I think I have some work to do ;)

    1. Lies- Sunday was half a donut and a horse show- that's a lot of work- I read the blog ;) CONGRATS! what a good pony

    2. You're right! It was half a donut! And a walk! Phew. Thanks for reminding me :)


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