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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get Fit Like Fido

I am all about dogs. 
 Rescue dogs to be specific. 

 I have my own rescue dog you are all familiar with (Olive) and I spend a good amount of time volunteering for Dog Days Adoption Events here in Connecticut.  I love to preach the "Adopt Don't Shop" mantra, and I love to run with my dog and use her as a symbol of just how awesome rescue dogs can be.  Rescue dogs are the most loving and appreciative dogs you will ever meet, and yes, you can train them to do just about anything those fancy purebreds can do.  You can even make them your marathon training partner like I did.  

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, watch out, 
Houndradors (Hound, Lab mix) are the new running dogs of the year ;) 
(Well, they should be).

(We ran 5 miles this morning, down to the boat launch off Smith Neck Road, in Old Lyme, CT- the temperature was overcast and cool, perfect conditions for running with Olive)

(Tuesday's three miler- overcast, temperature in the 70s,  but humid!  Overcast is ideal for her black coat, I also made sure she had lots of fresh water when we got back to the car).

My favorite workout has to be running with Olive.  Believe me, running isn't my favorite, but the fact that I can enjoy the beautiful scenery of coastal Connecticut, while spending time with my dog, is just plain awesome.  She will look up at me with this big dog smile on her face, so happy to be out with me--and bam the run instantly sucks less and everything is right in the world while I hang outside with my pup.

  We run throughout the seasons, yet tweek it based on her four legged needs.  She (we!) prefers the winters for running when the temperatures are cooler, but we have to be careful of the road salt and chemicals that can hurt her pads.    We also run in the summer, but early mornings, when the weather is a little cooler and the pavement hasn't heated up from the summer sun.  Running with Olive is a four season activity that I just tweek a little depending on the temperatures.  

If you want to run with your dog, you are going to need a lot of patience, a lot of poop bags  (truth), and to start sloooow.  You will have to build up your dog's fitness just like you built up yours.  You will also have to build on your patience, and understand that your dog isn't going to get this whole concept of "jogging" in the beginning.  Olive can still be a little darty and pull when she sees the neighbor's cat or a squirrel cross the road.  

I am working on a post on "How to run with your dog", tips and tricks to making working out with your dog fun, and not a hassle, or a game of tug of war.  Until then, why don't you try some of Julia's doggie inspired workout moves.

I was pretty excited when, an online community where dog lovers can connect with one another to find and provide dog daycare and boarding, contacted me regarding their "Get Fit Like Fido" plan.  

I looked into it and loved the infographic. 
And the idea of integrating 'Fitness and Fido". teamed up with fitness expert, Julia Chan, to develop a fun circuit of exercises inspired by a dog’s most common movements.   

I will give you all the Downward Dog and Dirty (I am so lame clever) on running with your dog, but until then, try some of these Doggy inspired fitness routines! 

Happy Running! 
(And Squatting!)


  1. awww I already want a doggie running partner so bad and you totally solidified it!! I am traveling so much though right now, hubs says no way jose

    1. Dogs are the best running partner ever! They never blow you off , always smile, and never complain! Can't wait to hear all about your new running buddy once you are able to get one! (come on hubs that's what friends are for- aka dog sitters ;) Thanks for stopping by RAR!


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