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Monday, June 16, 2014

June 9 to June 15th recap and goals

I had a wonderful weekend this weekend, 
like.... the best.  

I needed a horse-show-less weekend, after a stressful show last weekend. 
Instead of showing, I filled my weekend with a wonderful mix of:
family, friends, sunshine, food, drink, and relaxation.

Friday night:  I went out for dinner with my parents to Whitfields, on the green in Guilford, Connecticut. After dinner I finished a few bridal shower crafts. (Lots of delicious but high calorie foods!) 

Saturday:  Saturday we hosted a bridal shower for Liz.  It turned out about 100x better than I expected.  All of Liz's bridesmaids came together and did an amazing job throwing Liz a picture perfect bridal shower.  It looked like it came right out of a pinterest page (post to come soon!).  The only issue is I ate drank and chowed A LOT.  I mean, if I had to pick two words to describe the weekend it would be champagne and cake pops.  Which sounds (and was) wonderful, but it left me feeling heavy and blah.   We ended the day with more champagne on the beach, watching the boats go by and throwing sticks for Olive into the river.

Sunday:  Sunday I went diving with some friends, laid by the pool, walked, trail ran, napped, grilled, drank, and slept.  Perfect relaxing day.

Sunday evening I had some remorse from my glutinous evening, but, what can I do about it?  Absolutely nothing.  So- all I can do is focus on the future.  Sunday I went to bed early, and met Liz for 5:15 boot camp this morning.  I was up at 4:27, before my alarm, and had a great workout at boot camp.  I was home in time to relax, have breakfast out on the deck, and just set my Monday off on the right foot.

I was feeling great this morning, 
driving in to work blasting Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire"
 ready to tackle the week.

On that note, lets get back to the schedule week review 
and set some new goals, Shall we?

Italics= Actual 

Monday (6/9):  5pm HIIT class
I could not wake up in time for boot camp
 so I tried the afternoon class  It was a sweatter! 

Tuesday (6/10): 3 mile run
Liz, Olive and I hit the pavement for our planned three mile run.

Wednesday (6/11):  5am HIIT class & Scuba!
Met Hannah and Tori for 5am HIIT.
Great class but....  
Did not go diving-  
thunderstorms were looming so 
no Wednesday night dive last week.

Thursday (6/12): 5 mile run
Liz, Olive and I went for a 5 mile run down to the boat launch.  
Gorgeous morning for a run. 
After work I took my "new to me" bike out for a spin- 
8 hilly miles around the lake!

Friday (6/13):  Tabatta
Liz, Tori, Hannah and I made it to 5:15am Tabatta.  
workout with a great instructor and play list- 
Great way to start the weekend. 

Saturday (6/14): Lizs shower- day off- maybe evening kayak
Beautiful shower, amazing day, and an exhausting one!
Used this as a "rest day" and boy did I need it!

Sunday (6/15):  8 am Body Pump 
I had planned on diving Sunday, 
but it happened to be earlier than I thought.  
We met at 8:30am so that meant no body pump.  
I went for a 40 minute dive (lots of swimming), 
went for a 3 mile walk with mom and the dogs, 
and a 1 mile trail run with Olive in the woods behind my house. 

This Week's Goals 
June 16th to June 22nd. 
Monday:  5:15 Boot Camp
Tuesday:  6:00 3 mile run
Wednesday: 5:15 HIIT
Thursday:  6:00 5 mile run 
Friday:  5:15 Tabatta 
Saturday:  Rest or Kayak  
Sunday:  Body Pump

How was your weekend?
What are your fitness goals for the week?

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