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Friday, June 13, 2014

Road Trip Essentials- Link up with Turo (formerly RelayRides)

As you all know, I am going on a serious road trip at the end of the summer.  
Like, moving-most-of-my-life-across-the-country
 from Connecticut to Utah kind of road trip.  

So, when Emma from Turo (Formerly RelayRides)contacted me about linking up for a road trip essential post, I was so happy to join the fun.   Turo is a peer-to-peer sharing car rental service and with the shift to more of a sharing economy, they are inspired by personal experiences.  So here is mine.  

What a perfect way to organize my road trip, and start a "list" of what I need.  So... Here We Go!

Katie Wanders 
Top 6 
Road Trip Essentials 

1.    FOOD:  food FOOD food FoOd.  Anyone who has had to live with me, or spend long periods of time with me, KNOWS I get hangry.  Like really aggressive mean "I am sorry what I said when I was hungry".  Then there was the hangry pizza beating incident.... Fun Fact:  Thatcher used to leave granola bars and treats in my center console and call them "Katie Snack Packs'" and tell me to please eat them before coming home after work because he knew how bad the hanger could be.     So yes, I need snacks, and to expand on that... healthy snacks.  To avoid the drive through and the high calorie convenience garbage that usually comes from a drive through window.

2.  Cash/coins: There is nothing worst than digging through your seat cushions for change because you are that jerk that only has plastic at.all.times and can't pay a toll (how does that work do you get a written warning? slap on the wrist?).  Keep cash and change in your car to get through those tolls with ease. Or better yet... get an EZ Pass... or does everyone else already have one?  
Hello Katie, get with the program.  So let me update this- Get an EZ Pass-  this will also help to avoid lines. 

3.  Audiobook:  Audiobooks serve a few purposes-  A-  keep me awake and alert, and B-  off my phone.  When I drove to Portland, Maine alone, I downloaded an audiobook and listened to it.  It really helped distract me from the long drive.  It went really quick and I almost forgot I was alone and driving.

4.  A Real Map:  Like a real paper map-  a rarity in 2014.  We all use our I phones and apple maps (why oh why did I upgrade my phone, I miss you google maps).  But sometimes, your phone dies, you don't have service, or lets be honest Mr. Jobs, sometimes Siri has NO idea where the hell you are.  Having a real map will avoid siri catastrophes and no service/GPS signal issues.   

5.  Camera -  Lets be real here- I don't go anywhere without my camera.  And if I do I am obnoxiously taking phone pictures.  Except underwater, and then I 'll bring my new go pro ;)  Camera and go pro are a MUST to document my trip across the states.  Being a blogger really pushes me to take better, and higher quality pictures.  Don't forget the charger-  you can charge it up at Dunkin quickly while grabbing a coffee for the road!  Also if you have a camera and want to personalize it- listen to this!  I was totally going to go buy a $50 cute camera strap and then I realized I can buy some cute fabric and make a cover for my strap for less than $1.00...
  You are welcome. 

6.  Sunnies-  Another item I rarely leave the house with, and if I do, I will buy another pair.  I hate squinting and my eyes are sensitive so I always carry sun glasses.  Also very important for driving on warm sunny days and sun glare.  
Safety first. 

Some other important ones:

  • Plastic utensils- disposable and on the go
  • Cooler and Ice-  Don't want to spoil your food and then spend your afternoon looking for a bathroom every five miles....
  • Baby wipes-  spending that much time in a vehicle just makes you feel icky. Wipe bath anyone?
  • Headband/hat- (winows open)
  • AAA card (yeah, I can change my own tire, but why should I have to..)
  • Towels- messes, cushioning, or maybe a dip somewhere!
  • Sneakers- get out and go for a run! Stretch those legs..
  • Lotion - Sun and normal- dry hands
  • Chap stick- aint no one got time for chapped lips
  • Dental floss- healthy snacks have so many seeds....
  • Trash bags- I am messy 
  • Pillow and blanket- sleeping is my favorite...
  • Emergency car kit, jumper cables, flash light-- because I guess I am a grown up and these things are good to have when your dad can't bail you out of a car trouble. 
Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a seat. | 29 Simple Road Trip Hacks You Need To Know

Sheesh- that's quite the list-  Thankfully I have a big car.  Like 8 person V8 Nissan Armada big.  Another essential is a way to organize all this stuff.  and I love this idea above.  A shoe rack hung on the back of one of the seats? 

And the most important app you will find?
Especially when you drive a school bus, tank, large car like me...
Gas apps and websites.  For example, Fuel My Route ! searches the web for the lowest gas prices and shows you the best places to refuel. It's perfect for planning everything from a road trip to your daily commute.

Lastly (and maybe most importantly)--  Don't forget to tell your credit card company you are traveling across the country.  Imagine being out of gas at a gas station in the middle of No Where, USA with a declined card...... Make sure that isn't you!

Anything you can add?
What are your essentials?
What extras do you bring for traveling with pets?

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  1. That is a great list, Katie! Road trips are all about having fun. But in order to keep the fun going, they must make sure to bring all the essential things that would be helpful while on the road. And in my opinion, it's very important to check if you have a full tank beforehand, or even some extra fuel stashed away. That will surely help when you're running low and far away from the nearest station. It's also good to keep numbers of different oil companies or services on a piece of paper, just in case your phone dies. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company


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