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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Checking in!

Hey Friends! 
 It has been a busy week but lets be real, aren't they all? 

 I am a GO GO GO type of person and R&R is rarely in my radar.  Well, I just wanted to check in with my workouts, some of my eats, and the fun stuff I have been up to this week. 

Tried my first Green Juice- Aloha was offering free samples.  

I just mixed mine with water and was not a huge fan of the taste-
 will be mixing it with a sweeter smoothie next time. 
(This totally tasted like what a bottom of the lawn mower should taste like....)

Olive has been enjoying morning runs, 
and enjoying napping the rest of the day away after said run.
Must be nice. 

Lunches have been healthy and delicious!  Cooked uo two packages of organic chicken breasts on Sunday to use for the week- with salads.  Also made a large batch of quinoa and green beans.  I can't express enough the important of meal prep for the week!  Especially lunches- good at the wallet and the waistline.

Chicken also made for a tasty sandwich for dinner on the go!
Instead of spending money out or getting something unhealthy on the road- I packed a sandwich and watermelon for dinner pre concert.

I met up with Liz and her fiance Mike, Jill, and her boyfriend Jack to go see Ray Lemontagne in concert.  Was not a fan of his newer music but man, I love his voice and his older stuff. 

I have been spending lots of time with this stud.  I mean, who wouldn't?  
He has been on his best behavior and I cannot wait to get to a horse show this weekend. (And he looks fantastic :)

Workouts have been going great as well! 
Monday I was sore from Sundays pump so I did some light kayaking
Tuesday- 3 mile run, abs, and arm work with Liz
Wednesday- 5:15 HIIT with Liz and Tori
Thursday:  5 mile run 

Right on track with Mondays projected schedule
Can I get a Hallelujah 

And I have all of my lovely ladies to thank :) 

Lots of different workouts (different variety and hard workouts!)
and healthy eating has really (finally) given me results !

I have gotten tons of compliments on my toned arms 
and a lot of people noticing weight loss and it feels soooo good!
The best motivation to keep on keeping on. 


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