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Friday, June 20, 2014

Get That Body (on a Budget!)

Welcome to Friday.
You made it!  

A common excuse I hear as to why someone can't work out.

"I can't afford a gym membership". 
"I don't have time". 

I had to work both jobs last night 
(punch in at 8:00 am, out at 10:30pm)
Up at 5:30 Thursday to run,
Work that long day, in bed at 11:30 to sleep, 
just to wake up at 4:30am to make it to Tabatta Friday.  

So what I am getting at is...You make time.
And your excuse for time is not valid 
Lets move right on to $Money$. 

Well, welcome to Frugal Friday 
where I am going to take away that money excuse.  
No, Frugal Friday will not be a continuing thing, 
but I thought it was pretty clever, if I may say so myself. 


Sometimes money is tight.
  Like living at home with your parents to save up for grad school tight.  
Yep- that's me. 
 If you are working to get that dream body on a budget,
 then here are some tips for you, you frugal fitness freak, you!

Running A Ragnar's Tips to Getting that


1.  Ditch the "gym"-  Bet you weren't expecting that right away!  But yep, I mean it!  Gym memberships are expensive, they usually have enrollment fees, high monthly premiums, and a contract.  Not only that but now what?  You have a fancy card to get in the building, but if you want instruction on how to use all of those contraptions, you will have to pay extra for that!  I hate traditional gyms-  really and truly.  Men grunting in the corner, and girls on their cellphones on the elliptical.  Just not a productive environment for me- and motivating?  Not at all.  I much prefer a crazy buff lay with a mic yelling at me to lift a bar over my head.
Cancel your gym membership and put that $$ in your savings account.

2.  Free Classes:  So you have ditched the gym, now what?  Free classes baby!  Most gyms/studios/classes offer your first class free.  That's $15-20 bucks saved right there!  Go gym shopping, take a few free classes at a few different places and see what you like the best.  Also, check out your community centers.  Some community centers and places offer free classes.  Do some research and find out.  Some fancy studies will even offer free classes on a certain day.  
The yoga shop in Old Saybrook offers a free class every Saturday at 4:30.  
I bet some studios in your area do as well.

3.  Just Ask:  Seriously, I was amazed when this one worked. So you took your free classes at a few different places, and decide you LOVE the classes at Gym A the best.  Send them an email.  I just did this and it worked.  I was looking into fitness classes in Salt Lake City, and was really turned off by the $100 enrollment fee, plus $69 a month membership.  When I called the gym to ask about a class package instead of the steep $69 a month,
 they offered me a corporate/discounted rate of $49 a month instead.  
Not perfect, but that's still a savings of $20 a month.  

4.  Student discount. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you are a student- milk it.  Even if their website doesn't specifically have a student discount, refer back to 3--Call and ask.  I am 26 years old and still rock my Quinnipiac University ID card  circa  2006 at JCrew for that student discount.

5.  Run or walk.  This one is a little obvious but important.  Running and walking is also free.  You don't need a treadmill, fancy gear, or even fancy shoes.  Start with what you have and slowly buy the things that will make you more comfortable when you can afford them.  If you have dogs or kids (or both!) this one is even better.  Throw the dog on a leash and little Suzie in the stroller and everyone gets some fresh air and a workout. 

6.  Groupon-  This is my favorite tip. You would be amazed how many amazing deals are on groupon in the fitness section.  Yoga, pilates, spin,  even crossfit --there is really something for everyone, and at crazy deals of 50-75% off the original price.  The other wonderful thing about groupon is it's "non committal"  When your groupon to one place ends, go buy one to another gym!  Not only are you saving money, but you are changing up your workout routine, and will be more likely to keep working out with that variety in your workout schedule.  I bought a few groupons for one gym, at $20 for 10 classes, and I am now at a different gym with a 20 class package for $70.   I also bought a few groupons for some Stand Up Paddleboard sessions.  Crazy deals, no enrollment fee, no commitment, and its something fun and different.

7.  Bloggers-  There are so many great fitness bloggers out there that offer so many amazing programs.  Some free and some not-so-free.  I have friends who use  a few different online programs, one specifically,the Tone It Up plans.  I looked into it for fun and found out that their nutrition plan costs $150 (but I will admit I would pay way more than that to look like those girls- smokin).  Realistically, that is steep for my budget for a nutrition plan (and I am also not self motivated..) so I kept looking around and skimming their site.  They do offer some freebies on their site (workout and meal plans and such) and have an email newsletter you can sign up for, for free, so be sure to head on over and see if it sparks your interest.  Another example is Gina over at  She has amazing meal plans, recipes, workouts, videos, and advice.  She even offers a "Summer Shape Up" plan that kind of reminded me of the Tone It Up Bikini Series- but Gina's is free!  She sends out weekly meal plans, shopping lists, workout schedules, and exercises - basically a personal chef and trainer delivered to you via email, and YEP absolutely free! 

So there you have it.  Some free options, and some inexpensive options. If you do have to shell out a little $$ to work out and eat healthy, remember a few things:  That $50 gym membership that has the classes you LOVE, well that's one night out of dinner and drinks with your friends.  So pass up on a few more nights out and there you have it, enough money for that membership. 

 I always yell at myself for how easy it is to head over to Marshalls, or meet a friend for happy hour, and then not want to pay for classes.  Money spent towards your overall health is always a good investment and money well spent.  

Spend a little on your health now, 
and you won't have to later :)

Let me know what kind of great deals you find! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. love this post! so true, health IS wealth! well said! xo

  2. Wait till your not in your twenties anymore.... Sleep becomes a whole lot more necessary.
    But great tips for saving money!

  3. Those are such great tips. Who said that you have to spend tons to get the sexy bod you deserve? My favorite would have to be the last one. I've seen a lot of great routines and regimens made by bloggers themselves and I'm sure any one of them will fit your workout style. Thank you so much for sharing. Stay fit and fab, Katie!

    Ari Maccabi @ InFighting

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post and the tips! so many great routines on blogs- probably my favorite tip too!


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