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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Binges, Boot Camp, and Track Workouts

Today Liz and I ran 4 miles together on the track.  
We were both "coming back"  after a weekend of some serious binge eating
 that left us feeling Blah. 
We vowed to drop that and focus on the future, 
but it really got me thinking and reflecting.
What I can do to keep moving forward in this little
"Be Healthier" journey.

I am going to hash out a few thoughts 
here for a moment.  
So take a seat and have a listen.  

Would love to hear your opinions as well.

We seem to have this funny notion in our head.  That we can eat what we want as long as we "get a few miles in".  I thought this theory as well.  During my first marathon training attempt in 2012-2013, I was an un-educated-20-something-runner, trying to run a marathon to lose weight and round off my bucket list.  While training, (slacker program 3-4 days a week mind you..) I rewarded myself with pizza and pasta, burgers and fries, and cookies and cakes because hey, I earned it... I worked that off.    But my friends...
 that idea of earning is a slippery slope.  

I spent 3-4 months with this theory and you can probably guess what happened.  I gained weight.  Whoa whoa whoa, a big reason I am running this damn thing is to have this big goal, motivation to run, therefore more running, therefore more shedding of the pounds.  If I am training and gaining weight than what the hell is the point!  Well an injury stopped me at the mile 18 week of my training so I took some time off, swore of running, and sat back and reflected.  

Fast forward to round two:  I learned from my mistakes.  I integrated yoga and body pump into my running program, I stretched more, I stopped worrying about speed, and changed my diet.  I ate smart to better fuel my runs, instead of running long distance and then shoveling pizza down my throat.  

It is a big change in mind set to sit down and say  "I am going to eat better to help my body run better" than "I ran 10 miles today now I celebrate with pizza".  After my first half marathon I mocked Jill for eating a salad after.  Jill enjoyed a chicken salad while I housed a supreme pizza.  Well now I get it Jill.  

Well the second time around I finally ran my marathon, 26.2 miles injury free-  feeling GREAT, and about 15-20 pounds lighter than the first attempt.  

Fast forward again to post marathon, casual running, and more focus on full body workouts.  I have a 4:30 or 5:30 alarm set every day to make sure ---4:30  get to a 5:15 gym class or 5:30, make sure I meet Liz for a 6:00 run.  

At these classes, we work our asses off.  Like sweat pouring from your face, not-sure-I-can-do-another-burpee-ever-again hard.  

I have made it a habit to track my workouts.  When I get home and look at this long list of my workout, it dawns on me.  "I worked so hard.  SO HARD- and I got up SO EARLY".  Is it really worth eating crap after I worked so hard to make my body better?   What was the point of sweating and ass kicking if I am going to go down a few hundred cake pops.   Might as well just sleep in and eat the cake pops.   
Was all that champagne and cupcakes reallllly worth it?

Never is.  

Monday I did that ass kicking work out, and after, I didn't celebrate with cupcakes, I celebrated with good healthy stuff.  

This morning Liz and I did a 4 mile workout on the track.  

I have worked hard to lose weight, 
and I want to keep working at it.
I am a true believer you cannot outrun a bad diet.  
And while exercise is important, healthy eating is the base.  
And before you get mad- no- I am not telling you to cut out everything "bad" in your diet. I am just saying I need to allow a treat and really cut out these BINGES.

(but I am cutting back on the champs 
so lets raise our carrot sticks instead) 


  1. First time visiting your blog. Doing my first Ragnar DC soon and look forward to reading all of your tips. And yes healthy eating is the basis for lifelong fitness. Treats are ok once in a while too!

    1. Deborah, Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Yes please check out my planning a ragnar page! It has been very helpful for a lot of people!! I can also get you the information for my friends who ran the Ragnar DC if you have any specific race questions!

      Can't wait to head over to Confessions of a Mother Runner !

  2. I can't believe I ate a salad after a 1/2!!! I have no recollection of this, but it's funny -- and I'm impressed with wherever that self control came from?! Great post... you are doing everything right, and are a huge motivator to the rest of us. Keep up the great work :)

    1. Thanks Jill! You are the best- running master Jill.

      Lets run soon ;)

  3. This is soooo true. I am guilty of saying "oh, I just ran 20 miles, I can eat a gallon of ice cream." But I know that's wrong. So now instead of a gallon, I'll just have a regular serving. But it really is hard to get out of that mindset.
    I love your track workout. I'm totally going to save it and use it!! Cheers!

    1. Yes ! Glad someone could relate! And please use the track workout and let me know how you like it! Note: We kept up the sprint for the 100 and 200m, but the 300 and 400 m was more of a "fast run" than a sprint- that's just a LONG way to spring! :) It was nice to have a partner to help push my pace too!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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