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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A "Naked run" and a necklace

Sometimes it's really nice to go for a "naked run". 

 No music, no garmin, no electronic devices what so ever.  The humidity was brutal and the dogs were crazy so I decided to do a relaxed easy run to tire out the critters without killing us all.  It sounds normal and maybe you do this a lot but I never do.

(the dogs were hot so we went nice and slow and stopped for a little walk break- so nice to have that relaxed feel to our run) 

Let me tell you, I need to do this more often because it was so nice.  No one to chat with, no music, no watch with a glaring pace, just me, the dogs, and the humidity.  Don't get me wrong, I love to have company, I enjoy music to get me through a tough workout, and LIVE by my garmin, but it is really refreshing to unplug once in a while.  

After my run I rode the horse quickly, cleaned stalls and was off to go diving.  It was "Scuba Wednesday" So I met my friends for a one hour dive in Stonington, Connecticut.  The water was a nice 60 degrees, the visibility was great (for Long Island Sound) and the water was teeming with lobsters, juvenile fish, flounder, horse shoe crabs, and clams!   Will be bringing my GOPRO next time so I can show you all my little underwater world over here :)

On a shopping note.....
I saw this deal on living social and thought I would share it with you all! 

 $12 and free shopping and they have all 50 states.  This necklace made me really happy especially with my move to Utah.  I am going to miss everyone back here in Connecticut  (it is a lot harder to leave CT in the summer than the winter... summers are so wonderful here by the water), and so many wonderful things about this state, so now with my little Connecticut necklace it will be a nice reminder of home.  


While I was on their site, I looked around and found these!
$19.99- came out to 15.99 when I used the SPRING2014 coupon code!

$4.99 with any purchase! I bought the brown and black one :) 


  1. All my favorite things in one post! Ponies, shopping, AND running! (Ok running isn't necessarily a favorite...)

    1. pony was good and the shopping was CHEAP! and the running was SLOW! All wins!

  2. My dream is to have a dog. Looking at your photos, I am so much jealous of you! You are lucky to have such a great friend. By the way, necklaces are indeed nice!


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