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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update June 16th to June 22nd and new goals

Recap is a day late- Sorry friends
but better late than never!
(and now the pictures work)
June 16th to June 22nd. 

Monday:  5:15 Boot Camp
Check!  Liz and I went and it was a butt kicker!
Also a little afternoon walk with the pups 

Tuesday:  6:00 3 mile run
Check!  But we were super awesome and did 4 miles of track speed work.

Wednesday: 5:15 HIIT
Check!  Sweaty class with the girls 
Then it was Scuba Wednesday-  60 minute dive with my friends :) 
This was the sunset as we were packing up 

Thursday:  6:00 5 mile run 
Woke up and it was POURING! 
 Did 3 miles on the treadmill, half mile outside with Olive.  Not what I had planned but I still got a workout in.

Friday:  5:15 Tabatta 
It was a great and tough class!
We stopped for coffees too.  
DD hazlenut iced coffee to start the day !

I also went for a 3 mile walk Friday night with my mom and the pups :)

Saturday:  Rest or Kayak  
3 mile run in 25 minutes with the pups!  
Wanted to get out there and run! 

Sunday:  Body Pump
Needed to sleep in and enjoy the morning at home so I subbed this with a 3 mile walk with the dogs, and then some strength training in the basement before spending the day at the beach with the dive girls.  

I really love setting the goals and updating them.  On days I don't want to do anything I remind myself I already told the world I was and I can't be lazy!  So while I didn't exactly do things as planned, I think overall I still "surpassed" my goals for the week and I am happy with that.
I also decided I want to include a non work out goal for the week,
(be more organized, clean my closet, pack- something small but something).

So last week in my brain I decided I was going to get dressed up more.  I fall victim to workout clothes and no make up because A- I workout every morning and B- I work a lone where no one sees me therefore dress up for what?

Some of my outfits for the week:

Cute fitted skirt with a white tee, and teal sandals

Saturday night:  Martini dress and pink pumps! 

Monday:  Rest day- didn't take one last week
Tuesday:  3 mile run
Wednesday:  HIIT
Thursday:  4-5 mile run
Friday:  Tabatta
Saturday/Sunday:  One day workout, one day horse show.  
Options: Boot camp, Body pump, run, walk, kayak. 

Side Goal:
Work on moving details! 


  1. You are really motivating me to work out!
    Your outfit pics aren't showing up on my compy, but I'm sure they're gorgeous!

    1. it can be so hard to find the time to workout but when you do it feels great! Mornings are rough but getting easier for me. and DARN on the pics! Just
      re uploaded them so should work now. Thanks for stopping by!


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