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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friday Skiing Brighton

Friday was the first ski day of the trip.  We were going to Brighton Ski Resort highly recommended from a friend, and so far Thatcher's favorite mountain. 

All ski trips must start with a big breakfast.  No exceptions 
Eggs, toast, potatoes, and fruit.  If there is one thing Thatcher and I do well.... it is breakfast. 

We got a beautiful sunny clear day and were so happy to be enjoying the sunshine on the mountain.   The mountain was beautiful and the views from the peak were stunning. 

I was also really excited to take my new Go Pro for a spin on the slopes .  I got it as a christmas present from my parents (thanks ma) to use for diving -- it comes in an awesome waterproof housing.  But I mounted it on my helmet and used it for skiing which was a great chance on how to use the darn thing!  I had attended a go pro class at the dive shop but really needed to spend some time playing around with it. 

Views from the top of the mountain.  

The skiing was great and we had a lot of fun on the mountain.  Lots of tree skiing, fresh powdery snow, and sunshine.  What more could you ask for??

check out my gopro video skiing in the trees above!

Burton was there offering free demo snowboards to try out for the day so Thatcher had a fun day of trying different snow boards on the mountain... for free!  They tried convincing me to swap my skis for a snow board but I reminded Thatcher about the tears that happened last time I tried this.   Best to stick to what you know sometimes. It was a good decision for all parties involved I promise. 

After a fantastic day of skiing we went home to make some fresh basil pasta with a homemade sauce, ham, and peas.   Perfect apres ski meal.  

After looking at all the cheesy coffee tables, I picked these out, they are two small individual "cubes" on rollers which is perfect!  We can slide them around, put them together for one big table, for $30 bucks each they are a pefect Ikea find :) 

After dinner we headed out for a night on the town.  Thatcher had been talking about this "dueling piano bar".... something I had never heard of.   The place was called Keys On Main.  There was a $5 cover and it was PACKED!   There are two pianist on stage.  You give them a tip with your song request.  Together they play the song on the piano and sing.  Really entertaining and I was amazed how many songs they know.   The dueling happens in the audience.  If you do not like that song or want to hear your song faster, you give them a bigger tip.  Bigger tip will cancel out the previous song and start yours.   It was really fun, really interactive and a great night out with weak drinks and live music :)

Friday in Utah was a great day.  Good meals, great skiing, and a night out on the town with some fun live music.  I just started to love Utah more and more each day! 

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