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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Progress and Change- and a bum

Running is a love hate relationship for many.  It certainly is for me.  Some days I am on cloud nine while many  other days I feel like I am dragging cinder blocks behind me.  

Running has also been quite the trial and error experience of figuring out what works and what doesn't work.  What shoes work best, what stretches, what routine, what times.  


Last year I was training to run the Vermont City Marathon.  I got to 18 miles comfortably when a bout of tendinitis stopped me in my tracks.   You can read all about that here.  Running was really up and done for me then and the worst part?  I wasn't seeing progress.

Yeah, yeah, we all run to feel good and the cardio, but lets be real, many of us run to maintain our weight.  For me,  running is a cheaper way to do this without spending lots of money on a gym membership and a way to exercise my dog.

Well, at the peak of my marathon training, after all those miles and calories burned.... I had gained weight.  I was heavier than I was before.  Sure, muscle weighs more than fat, and the scale doesn't matter, but I did not look muscular or toned.  Things were still a little softer than I would have liked.


I was being unrealistic, I was running, and eating, eating and running, and that's it.  Barely any cross training, no weight training, just running and eating, and some riding. 

Well clearly, the running was not making up for the eating and I kept eating the carbs and running the miles.  As runners we think we NEED carbs ALL the time but I am learning that is not the case.  Carbs are not the enemy but they aren't the solution either.

Well this year I decided to make some changes.  I was going to do more cross training and stretching to avoid injury.  Biggest change there.  Next change was going to be getting off of my running/carb dependence.  Carbs are fine but being a runner does not entitle me to them every day all day.


So I say I am going to do a lot of things --and do very few.  BUT- so far this year I have been good.  I have been a regular at Body Pump and have attended as many hot yoga sessions as I can afford.  When yoga isn't in the budget I do a little routine at home that does the trick.  I also (finally) caved and bought a foam roller and I am learning to do that.   I have been trying to maintain a healthier diet and incorporate less carbs more veggies into my meals. 

The problem is that sometimes I ignore my own advice.  I get really frustrated when I ignore myself and step on the scale.  I step on the scale and see no changes and feel really defeated... "why bother..".    

So I have resorted to photos.  Now I will apologize for showing you all my hiney, but photos speak louder than words- and I am still in a bikini so calm down you prudes.   An overall full body picture did not show drastic changes.  So we are going to focus on the derriere. 

(My SD Card of Shame)
 On the left, is a picture of me in Bonaire, April 2013.  This was at the peak of my marathon training.  On the right is a photo taken yesterday.  14 miles in to marathon training but with Body Pump, Yoga, and a better diet.  Same bathing suit almost a year later.

Butt rounded and lifted, no more cellulite and everything looks much more muscular instead of flabby. Lift and tone baby. 

Body pump at it's finest!  I have been going at least twice a week,  going up in my squat weight, and doing some glute exercises at home on my own.  The proof is in the pudding.  

What I learned:

*  If you are in a running rut and not seeing changes... try something else.
*    Sometimes running just isn't enough.  
*  Incorporate  weight training and stretching in to your cardio routine. 
*  Monitor your carb intake a little better - just because you ran doesn't mean you deserve to eat four boxes of pasta. 

Looking forward to more progress photos
 and shaping the other problem areas.

Off to body pump!  

P.S  If you are new to Body Pump, want to learn a little more about it,  and want a booty lift too (haha)  I found Julie from PB fingers AWESOME post describing Body Pump-  Check It Out Here!

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