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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday 3 mile run and Body Pump

  Happy Tuesday! 
 Feels like it should be Friday.  
Lets all blame the time change. 

Food prep paid off and I had a delicious omelet for breakfast and a salad for lunch, all of which took about 2 minutes of my time this morning before work because I put in all the prep time on Sunday.   More time in bed and less time in the kitchen is good for my mornings. 

After a long day of work I headed to Nissan to get an alignment for my car- The lack of alignment is creating my tires to warp on one side and tires are expensive.  Town fair tire could not align it because of some frozen bolts or what not so I went to the dealer. 

This is what I got-  no alignment and a price tag of work for "very expensive"  - to the tune of 8Gs to be specific.  Getting a second opinion next week to say the least.   While they were looking at my car I took Olive for a 3 mile run (with lots of hills) to waste some time and get in a run. 

Post run it was a starbucks skinny vanilla latte because I had a gift card and their normal coffee is quite atrocious.  While watching various mom dressed in gym clothes married to their doctor husbands talking about plastic surgery and wrinkles, I decided I should really stick to dunkin donuts. 

After my vente grande whatever they call them latte, I grabbed an ice water and headed to Shoreline Fitness for my body pump class.  Every week i love this class more and more. 

Crazy Beth teaches the classes Monday night.  Super sweet little brunette that is completely jacked, lifts A LOT of weight, and goes balls to the walls.  I have been slowly upping my weight and looked around to see I have some of the heaviest weight on my bar. Second to Beth of course. 

I love the routine and the music that goes along with pump.  Each segment gets it's own song and is led by Beth and sometimes her side kick. 

Warm up
Cool down

Squats (heavy weight!) and Back/Hamstrings  (clean and presses!) are my strong points (most weight on my bar) while Triceps and lunges are my weak point.   Triceps are a really hard muscle group for me and I really hate most of the moves that work the triceps.  (skull crushers, tricep dips, tricep push ups, extensions, etc).  And lunges are just awful especially as one of the last muscle groups.  

After class I went home, had some left overs, and spent some time with my trusty new and painful friend, the foam roller.   Looking forward to a day off and lots of stretching and foam rolling tonight!
Back to Pump Wednesday. 

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