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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Utah recaps are all up! Now back to running... and maybe some warm weather talk...

Okay friends, blog folk, and other people I force to read this blog,
... I finally got my entire Utah trip up on the blog.   This is sort of the problem with my love for photography and doing 24,098 things into one day.  

So many beautiful pictures and so many adventures to share.  The good news is this trip was so active (two days of skiing, a 13 mile run, a 3 mile run, and miles and miles of walking around the city) that I did not feel guilty about my gluttonous week and got home feeling just as good as I left.  A rare thing for vacation.   
Impossible if you decide to go on a cruise....
Easier when you are staying at an apartment and walking the city. 

 Now that I am done blogging about Utah, the cold, snow, and winter, I decided to do a few posts once or twice a week on trips I have taken-  the warm and sunny ones.  You know a little bit of sunshine to look forward to and get us to spring.  I realized I have been on so many wonderful trips, and taken so many wonderful pictures that I haven't posted here.  I will also be back to full on run mode and will be sharing my runs, tips, and tricks on here (14 miles this weekend!) 

If you haven't checked out all of my Utah posts,
 find them all here and stay tuned!

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