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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Workouts (and meals) of lately- 14 miles

Back from vacation meant back to the grind.  
 Work, body pump, runs, and healthier eating, oh my!  

Friday night was a low key night.  
I made a Blueberry/pomegranate martini with a beef "zoodle" lo mein/stir fry.  

One shot of vodka, one shot of gin, one shot of Williams and Sonoma Pomegranate Blueberry Cocktail Mixer.  It is super sweet so I used a 2 booze 1 mix ratio.  Oh and it was Friday night.... Find their drink mixes here 

Dinner was going to be "insprialized"... sans spiralizer!  Instead of using lo mein noodles, I used two zucchinis that I sliced into long thin strips on my mandolin,  an alternative way to make zoodles until my spiralizer arrived.

I was really amazed how flavorful and delicious this was, and even more amazed that I wasn't longing for the real noodles.  
Loving the zoodles lately.  The sauce was also two thumbs up. 

(Bradley wasn't too thrilled to be back from vacation either)

Saturday I was planning on attending 9am Body Pump and then taking Bradley over to Lyme to ride in the indoor.  Well turns out I had to be at the barn earlier than I expected so I put off Body Pump and rode three horses (something I haven't done in well over a month- holy sore).  

After riding, the sun was shining and the temperature was actually above freezing for once.  I decided to suck it up and do my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday to take advantage of the sunshine and "heat wave".  

The only disadvantage to this was I had not fueled properly and I was already sore from riding that morning.  Oh well.  

Both of the doggies wanted to come so I did a few different loops.
How can I deny those smooshy dog faces?

Peterson is out of shape so I took Olive and Peterson on a two mile loop, dropped Peterson off, and went out for 7 more miles with Olive.  
After Olive's nine miles I went back out for five more.  
I try to keep Olive's running 10 miles and under when I am on the road.
 Why beat up both of our bodies?

I was really glad I grabbed these sharkies from my February Stride Box.  
Turbo energy gummies in shark form (YES) with 1/2 a shot of caffeine (NEEDED).  Glad I brought these because I needed a pick me up at mile nine.
And let me tell you.... those last five miles were tough.  

This is where my lack of planning hit me hard.. miles 9-14.   Maybe my all veggie dinner wasn't the best pre run fuel.... 
and hydrating would have helped.  

Not my best time but I finished my 14 in an okay time without walking which was a drastic improvement from my 13 miles in Salt Lake City.  

Needless to say Sunday I woke up sore.  Probably more from the riding than the running.  Either way I did some stretching, took the dog for a quick hike with my sister, brother in law, and their dog, and spent some time grooming Bradley and cleaning tack.  

The animals were grateful for a lazy Sunday afternoon and were great company while I oiled my saddle and bridles.  
All while watching more episodes of Law and Order SVU than I care to admit here. 

Come dinner time I was craving a fish sandwich for some bizzarro reason so I seared up some tilapia in a pan and threw it on wheat toast with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayo,.

Solid solid weekend folks!

Monday I woke up and used the Blogilates recipe for banana panacakes.  Two eggs, one banana, blend and pour in a pan.  

Her cakes

My pancakes

NOOOO Idea how she got hers so light and fluffy.  These sucker stick to the pan and are hard to flip.  I threw in a few chocolate chips, some syrup, and they were tasty tasty despite their sad appearance.  

After work on Monday I went to Beth's Body Pump at 5:30
I hadn't been in about 5 days so I knew this was going to hurt.
Beth made it hurt.
Beth is a tough little cookie.

A long run, some horses, a hike, and Beth kicked my butt at body pump.  
Oh and some delicious food.

Stay tuned because my spiralizer I have been obsessing over came in the mail Monday night so I will be whipping up Boodles Zoodles and Swoodles for dayyyyys. 
Oh and I caved and ought a foam roller.
More on that later. 

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