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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Boston Blowout 30K

Take two of marathon training I really learned a lot.  A lot about myself, a lot about running, and a lot about staying sane while running long distances.  It is really important to stay focused and more importantly, stay motivated.

My long runs have been sucking pretty bad lately.  I have gotten to 18 before, I know I can do it, but the long runs have really been a struggle lately.  During that 15 mile run last weekend, I had some IT Band issues ( I think)  and decided I really never want to run again.  Well I have come too far to fail, especially the second time around, so I keep pushing forward.  One newton in front of the other.  

Whenever I need a pick me up for running, I:
 A)  go buy new gear or 
B)  sign up for a race.  
Funds are low and I have enough running junk so I went with option B.

17th Annual


"Run 30k on the 30th Day"

After doing a little bit of research, I found the Boston Blow Out 30k (18.6 miles).  This race is March 30th which falls perfectly into my schedule- I was planning an 18 mile training run that weekend anyway.  It is only $20 and an hour away.  I will get to my my 18(.6) mile run in a race setting, with water, gu, food, and more importantly, morale support.  

30 km (18.6 miles) 7:30 a.m.
Sunday, March 30
Scandinavian Club, South Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 
Limited to 150 runners *
Again this year: Half-Blowout 15 km
and "Little Puff" 5 km

If you're prepping for Boston (or any other spring marathon)
and want to do a long run with some company and comfort, this is it.
We've found some of the flattest, most scenic roads around lower Fairfield
and mapped out a cloverleaf course that's about as easy as 30 km can be.

NOTE: The finish line will remain open until 3:06:24 (10 min. pace).
Those planning to run slower please start early - course maps available.

I am a little nervous about staying at a 10 min pace, or finishing the race in 3:06:24 before they close down the finish line.  What is worst, to have to start early or to have to finish after they broke down the race?  Definitely the latter....  I am sort of thinking that I can finish it in 3:06 because I am usually faster in a race setting, but man that's a lot of pressure for a training run!  I think I will feel it out on race day and if there is a group going out earlier I will tag along.  

Sometimes running can be verrrrrry humbling.  


  1. that race sounds perfect! and for only $20, that is the best! you're amazing to have such high mileage! xoxo

    1. Thanks Emi! takes forever to get to this point! really excited for this! This will be my newest long distance record!


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