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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Central Park Run and more

Saturday in New York City.

I am an interesting individual, and sort of a controlling one... I will admit.  The runner in me really wanted to do one more thing before I left New York City to go back to Connecticut.  I woke up Saturday morning in New York City with two demands.  I wanted to:

A.  Go for a run in Central Park (I had not run in days- hello marathon training)
B.  I wanted brunch
C.  and I wanted these things in this order 

I dragged Thatcher to Central Park where I told him he could hang in the park and read his sci-fi books on the bench while I put in a few easy miles.  Thankfully he is a go with the flow kind of guy and deals with my demands.  

If you want to feel motivated, and empowered, and part of something bigger, than go for a run in central park.  There were thousands, I mean thousands of runners out there pounding the pavement on a Saturday morning.  Big runners, little runners, heavy runners, thin runners, out of shape runners, and all star runners, runners pushing strollers, runners with their dogs, bikers, and walkers.  Every shape size and type.  

It was so motivating to be around so many runners just enjoying the morning in a lovely park.  I ran 4 miles with a smile (rare) that flew by quick (rarer), stopped to take a few pictures, and enjoyed the morning. 

Oh, I also got a little lost on my way back and couldn't find Thatcher was late for brunch, but it all worked out.  All in the name of a run. 

After brunch with Thatcher's sister across from Grand Central, we caught the 12:00 ish train back to Connecticut. After a sleepy train ride (still in my running clothes- pretty normal) we grabbed the dog, made a snack at home, and went to Thatcher's father's house for dinner. 

After dinner I suprised Thatcher with all his friends waiting for him at a fun bar called the Malted Barley in Westerly, Rhode Island.  

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Lots of beer on tap, delicious pretzels, and some more wisdom from the bathroom.  
Another late night but a great Saturday in my books. 

Sunday, I did some horseback riding before taking the dogs to do some hiking at Hartman Park in Lyme.  We did a big 4 mile loop around the preserve , loosing Olive and Ivan about 3 miles in to go chase a deer.  Well usually we find them within a half hour, but according to my GPS tracker on Olives collar- these two were far away and quite lost.  After a huge debacle we found the dogs (thanks for the help Chris..), exhausted and muddy.

Finally it was time for lunch and a beer after a lot of hiking and searching.   

Billy Joel, NYC, Central Park run, Malted Barley in Westerly, and a 4 mile hike in Lyme.  
Could I fit anything more into this schedule?

Thatcher got back on a plane to Utah while I got back into the grove of marathon training.
(Sort of...) 

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