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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Salt Lake City Day One- "Pretty Lady Katie Day"

Welcome to the Tuesday Salt Lake City recap. 
(and an overview of my favorite meal!) 

 So... as I was saying.  
 For those of you just tuning in, I was supposed to fly out on Valentines day to meet Thatcher in Salt Lake City.  Mother nature is cruel and a nasty storm came in  on Thursday canceling my flight out Friday morning.  Next available was Tuesday so I took it and flew out to Salt Lake City on my birthday for almost a week of food and fun.  

3 am wake up, 4:30 at the airport, tired airport selfies.  
my flight left at around 6:00, I had a layover in Dallas/Fort Worth, and landed in Salt Lake City at about 1:40 with the time change.
My attempt to look cute on my flight.  

Meanwhile, back in Connecticut, 
a little pup was wishing me a happy birthday.  
26 feels so good already!
Vacation helps..... 

When I landed, Thatcher was there to pick me up.   It was so nice to see him after over a month.  We got to Thatcher's apartment, had a delicious random lunch of french fries and thai food (so weird, his selection... but so good), and headed out to do some shopping.  

Nothing says happy birthday welcome to a new city like a birthday dress.  We went to the biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen where I found three adorable dress candidates.  
And I have to remind you it was my birthday, therefore, according to Thatcher... it was 
"Pretty Lady Katie Day"  
He was right this birthday ;) 

I got this red and black number for 20 bucks with a gold necklace for 6 bucks.  

While the front was cute..... I LOVED the back.  
I love dresses with different backs and for 20 bucks I was sold.  
A little short.. but you are only 26 once! 

Thatcher had made a dinner reservation at a wonderful little restaurant called The Copper Onion.  It was in downtown Salt Lake City so we walked there on crisp lovely Salt Lake City Night.  I loved being able to walk to dinner.
And for all of my CT readers... it was a lot like the River Tavern.   

I decided on a birthday gin/vodka martini with lillet and a lemon twist.  
 Refreshing and delicious.

If you zoom in you can see the yummy menu.   The menu had so many delicious options.  They are well known for their handmade pastas but I was not in a pasta mood.  

I love seeing my birthday printed..... had to snap the photo
 and no I did not order that drink ! 

We started with the fried goat cheese salad.  It doesn't look very special or decadent and I was a little let down when it came out... until I sunk my fork into that little hunk of heaven.   Crispy goat cheese salad- shepherds hill goat cheese, house fine herbs vinagrette .
This was AMAZING.  Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, over this bed of greens and a light dressing.   I was a happy happy girl.  

I decided to order the chicken-  note:  I NEVER order chicken at a restaurant  (usually bland) but this just sounded so so good- the sides sold me and the waitress confirmed that this was an excellent pick (I am that annoying person that asks the server for their opinions).  Cast Iron Mary's Chicken- Kale salad, anchovy crouton, currants, pine nuts, and roasted carrots.   Amazingly good.  

Thatcher ordered the Duck Cassoulet -- griddled breast, pulled confit, liver pate, zurson borlotti beans, roasted carrots, turnips and kale.  Equally as delicious. 

Thatcher and I had an amazing meal, but had no room for birthday dessert.  Maybe it was the insanely massive lunch of thai food and french fries.  Regardless, I was jetlagged and excited to crawl into a bed.  We walked home -which was the perfect way to end a great day and an amazing meal.   I was instantly asleep when I hit the sheets and dreamed of all of the delicious foods that were waiting for me in the city ;)  

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