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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet the Brothers - Adopt don't shop!

Happy Tuesday friends.
How was your Monday?

Mine was pretty fantastic-  Work flew by and right after work I did a quick 3 mile run with Olive before an hour of Body Pump.  I love body pump almost as much as I love that sore feeling the next day.   It is so nice to incorporate strength training into my cardio routine.  

Now that we got the fitness talk out of the way, it is time to talk about the little surprise that was thrown into my weekend.   As you may now, I volunteer for a dog rescue group called the Red Dog Project   You can read more about the Red Dog Project Here.  I do a lot of behind the scenes work, petfinder listing, fundraising etc.  I do not actually work with the dogs we are saving.  Well I didn't until this weekend.  

Meet the Brothers.  (Reggie left Bear right).  I got a message Saturday around 4 o'clock asking if I knew anyone who could be a one night foster to two dogs getting off the transport truck from Georgia at 5.  These two dogs were on this transport truck for two days and had no where to go in one hour (I am not sure what the mishap was and why there wasn't a home lined up).  Basically they were Red Dogs going into our program at the York Womans Prison but needed a place to crash before they could get to the prison Sunday mid day.  

Of course I said yes and welcomed these two corgi mixes into my home for the night.   They are between the ages of 3 and 5 and were found roaming the streets together as strays.    They then went to a Georgia high kill shelter that only allows Georgia licensed rescues to visit.  A rescue grabbed them (terrified, skin and bones) and they went to the rescue and were vetted.  Next they were put on the transport bus to head north where their chances of getting adopted are x10908.   They made the two day journey in their crates and met me in Chester at 6 on Saturday night  They were sweet as pie, terrified, peed for about 20 minutes, and inhaled 5 bowls of water. 

I got them into my house and spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up some pee, throw up , and poop.  I was getting really frustrated and overwhelmed but I kept repeating this one mantra.  IT IS NOT THESE POOR DOGS FAULT.  Here I am complaining when these poor furry creatures had no idea what was happening and what the future held.  Once we got the disasters cleaned, I gave them each a bath and they settled in quite nicely.  

Olive was not a huge fan of sharing her couch but I reminded her she once came off that transport van too.  How easily she forgot she once lived the life of a shelter dog!  These two dogs were the sweetest canines I have ever met.  All they wanted to do was be in my lap, lick me, and be on top of me.  If there was a mean bone in their body I would have seen it after the stress they had just been put through.  They were the gentlest happiest little creatures.    We played for a bit,  had some dinner, drank a gigantic glass of wine (me), watched some tv, and everyone settled in for the night.    They were perfect little angels sleeping through the night in their crate together without a peep.

Olive finally warmed up to the little guys, especially when they were contained behind bars.   She really isn't used to little dogs with that high of an energy level, especially not in her home.  

The next day we went for a quick little walk, everyone did their business outside, and we spent the morning hanging out.  Again all they wanted to do was lick me, be pet, and be on top of me at all times.  At noon they were picked up and brought to the prison to spend four weeks being socialized and trained by the inmates along with 10 other dogs while we find their forever homes.  It is a wonderful program that is healing for both sides.  Who has more time to spend with these furry souls than inmates?  And we all now how therapeutic is is to have a dog by our side.  

The less than 24 hour process was a whirlwind.  Chaotic at first having these two dogs I have never met in my home after the stress of transport.  But I am so happy I was there to help and meet these two.  There are so many loving kind homeless dogs like these two brothers who just need a little help along the way.  I am glad I was there to help.  Brothers --I hope you find a fantastic home and enjoy all the love and snuggles life has ahead of you from here on out <3 

If you fell in love with these brothers like I did, check out their petfinder page and consider filling out an application.  

Click here for Bear's petfinder page           Click here for Reggie's petfinder page

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