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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowy Monday and Treadmill Intervals

I am starting to really wonder if Connecticut turned into Siberia one night while I was sleeping.  Yes, I will admit, it is lovely, beautiful, scenic, ooooo ahhhh.  
But first and foremost, it is a pain in the ass!  

So many accidents, getting to work is a struggle, can't run outside, and can't even get to the gym.  Well, when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.  When live gives you snow, you play with your snow dog and alter your workout schedule.  

Instead of a run outside with Olive and heading to body pump at the gym, I took Olive to the track to run around in the snow and headed to my parents little "home gym" at their house.  

The roads leaving work at 4 after it had been snowing all day

Looks like I am not driving to the gym...

Quick stop at the high school track to let Olive run around in the snow-  she needs her exercise and an outlet for all of that energy. 

Doesn't she look so angelic?

She loves the snow and running in it, much more than me. 

My parents driveway 

The gym was too far of a drive in the conditions, but my parents house is just a few miles from where I work.  They have a weight machine, an ancient treadmill, an elliptical, a mini trampoline, and various weights.  Did I mention doggie day care is included?  Olive hangs upstairs with her doggy friend Peterson and my parents while I workout.  

Of course I go straight to the treadmill to put in a 5 mile run.  

I get SO BORED running on the treadmill.  Distractions like music and tv do little to help.  I decided to do an interval workout to help pass the time during my run and to work on speed.   

The constant change in speed and breaking the run down to 1 mile or .25 mile intervals really helps pass the time.  Start off with a one mile warmup with the treadmill speed set to 6.  Next you have three miles of intervals.  Start at 6.5 and go up and down as stated below.  End with a 1 mile cool down back at speed 6.  Don't forget to stretch before AND after (something I am trying to be better about!) 

After my run I did my own mini body pump session (squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, back, abs) because  I could not make it to the gym and I was fairly certain the class was canceled anyway.  I used some of my favorite songs from Pump and did a half a song per muscle group instead of the full song per group.  

I could have used the weather as an excuse to sit around in my pjs, but instead I changed up my plan and got a great workout in, run and all.   Another training run done, and day one of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge ( Day 1: favorite way to sweat-running!  can't ride much this time of year....)  complete!  

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  1. I agree about the treadmill! Interval workouts are my favorite way to pass the time on the dreadmill and I push myself harder than I would during an interval workout outside. Do you play with the incline at all? I'm currently training for the Baltimore Marathon, which is apparently hilly, so I've been doing a lot more incline work on the 'mill lately. We don't have many hills in Philly!


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