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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Running in the snow/slush/mess and a sub 8:00

I am a winter runner.  

I love the heat while I am in a bikini on the beach, but despise it when I am trying to run.  I will take 30s over 80s for running any day of the week.  This is why I do most of my long distance training in the winter.  The weather is easier for me, and I have much more time.  (summer think horse shows, hiking, traveling, beach - no time).  

With that being said, winter running offers a few challenges.  Especially when you do not have a treadmill and your parents hamster wheel is 20 minutes away - too far to drive to when the roads are bad.

Wednesday was another snowy day.  I woke up to 6+ inches on the ground, followed by rain, sleet and slush.  Highways were shut down and there were accidents everywhere.  I was very thankful I brought my laptop home to do a teensy bit of work from home.  

Really loving my new little office set up.  Yes very little, but it is nice to have a space to sit in a CHAIR at a TABLE (instead of my couch and coffee table).   I pulled this empty blue frame out of hibernation and put one of my favorite little reminders in it. 

"Don't be like the rest of them, darling". 

I started the morning with two poached eggs, and an english muffin with blackberry jam.  Little silicone egg poachers give you perfect eggs every time without the mess and hassle of a traditionally poached egg. You can find the exact ones here

I complained on the phone to Thatcher that snow days weren't as fun alone, but he reminded me I have the menagerie.  The critters provide plenty of companionship and entertainment.  After I wrote that sentence that may be proof that I need to get out of the house more.... Anyways. 

After a few hours of work, Olive reminded me of a few things.  How cute she is,how much I love her,  how much she wants to get off the couch and go for a run, and we had three miles on the schedule.  

This sums up our relationship (again another reason I need to get out of the house)  quite well.  She motivates me to get out the door despite the conditions, and is the perfect companion on my runs.  

The only problem was the weather was brutal.  Snow on the ground, roads were just getting plowed and it was sleeting out.  Driving to the treadmill was not an option, and it still didn't solve the issue of the crazy dog.  I decided to toughen up, stick to my training plan, and get a run in despite the conditions.    We bundled up and headed out the door.  I had to shovel my way out of the driveway to ensure I at least started the run with dry feet. 

I went down a side road by my house where I knew there would be little to no traffic.  The roads were slush, and it was sleeting on me, but after a little bit I felt great.  The workout was harder than usual, having to run in the slush and not having the traction of the pavement.   The only car I saw was a plow truck and it was really nice to have the roads to myself on a snowy New England day.  

I always tell myself-  I am lazy and warm ups are a waste of energy, but clearly my body needs that warm up.  First mile felt a little heavy.  Second mile felt better, and by the third mile I was cruising!  First time I got my split in the sub 8 category.  7:47 average for my third mile made me very happy.

After my run I did some stretching, some of my favorite yoga moves (pigeon, downward dog, etc), and did some ab and weight work.  I was feeling like the queen of Chester after getting out there in the conditions and getting that sub 8.   

Lunch was leftover quinoa veggie stir fry.  Sauteed some veggies in EVOO, roasted some brussels sprouts and beets, and threw it all together with some quinoa, lemon pepper, lemon, and a tad of butter.  Loving this dish.  
Great Meatless Monday option if you are into that! 

Well, that is it for today.  Hoping I motivated some of you to brave the conditions and get your run in.  Or if you have a treadmill, well you just have zero excuses.   If you are like me and rather run in the rain with your dog than hit the hampster wheel.  Consider investing in some of these.   Yak Trax little shoe anti slippies!   I am ordering a pair today! 

p.s.  I have a great valentines-day-tell-all-confession themed post for tomorrow
Check back in to learn more about the girl behind the blog with the dog.  

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