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Monday, February 10, 2014

12 mile Wonderful Weekend

As I get older I learn more and more about my biggest battles, and what really holds me back from achieving what I want.  And do you know what I found ? 
 It is almost always me.
I hold myself back, and these ideas in my head really hold me down.

Brain:  12 mile run - you are crazy it's going to suck - it is going to be awful-- stay inside watch tv, make some cupcakes fatty. Why are you doing this -  Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Heart/Legs:  You have been training, you can run it, hell you have run 18 just need to stop thinking about doing it and go out and do it.  It is the idea of it that scares you-  Stop worrying about it so much and get out the door -

After the body parts had a nice little meeting and discussion, I decided to listen to the legs and gear up.  The weather was cold, in the high 20s and windy so I wore my usual  tights, long sleeve tech shirt, lulu jacket, headband/ear cover, and brought my camel back full of NUUN.  Kristen saw us running, stopped for some encouragement, and snapped this super cute picture.  

I got out there, and after the first stiffish mile I felt great.   I did 8 miles outside while I still had day light with Olive.  Despite the cold, and the hills, I kept all of my miles under 9:00 for the entire 8 miles.  I have been getting faster at the 5k-10k but was really shocked I was able to maintain this pace for the entire  8 miles. It was such a good feeling.  Hard work pays off.

By the time I clocked 8 miles it was almost pitch dark out and no longer safe to run without my lights.  I took a 2 minute break, took off my jacket and camel bak, and finished my last four on the treadmill. 

This four mile run felt a lot harder than outside for a few reasons.  I was really bored, I had just run 8 miles, and my legs/body just went from 20 degrees to 70 after a 3 minute break.  Big Change.  I pushed through and finished my last four miles for a total of 12 miles.  

After my 12 miles I rushed home to meet the girls for book club.   Will be doing a separate page on that but the important thing was the book club/ post run feast.

Great minds think alike and great minds like crescent rolls.  Vanessa and I made cresent rolls with different fillings, Stacie brought peanut butter cookies, Ashley brought pretzels and hummus, and I also served carrots and dip. 

Oh and obviously Vino.  
Because it was Friday night and I needed to rehydrate from my run.   

Saturday was active recovery day.  It started off with a 30 minute play date on the track to let Olive get some energy out.  Then I met Jill and Rica for a 3 mile walk around Old Saybrook and a coffee date.  

A nice three mile walk with good company was the perfect way to stretch out my 12 mile sore legs from Friday night.   Also a nice therapy session with some girl talk.  After our walk I spent Saturday night at home with Olive and our two surprise foster fur kids (that deserves its own post :)  


Sunday morning was a lazy start with the foster kids, breakfast, olympics, lunch at my parents,  playing with the pony, Fro-Yo with Stacie, and R&R.

Amazing friends,  a great run,  food, wine, Olympics, family,  and lots of dogs. 
Weekends... I love you so much. 

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  1. hah! love your "brain" thoughts about the run..hilarious! so impressed...also that love & a dog sign is my favorite. xoxo


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