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Friday, April 19, 2013

Jillian B. Murphy on Running a 200 Mile Relay Race, and Reflections on Teamwork

If you read my blog on the reg (there has to be someone right'?)  then you hear me talking about Jill, Jillian B. Murphy, or Running Master Jill as I like to call her.

Jill has been a HUGE inspiration and support system from day one.  Jill helped me train for my first long distance race and ran my first half marathon with me (20 minutes faster of course).  

She keeps me calm, joins me on my distance runs, scolds me when I ignore all her rules, shares her recipes and secrets,  approves or disapproves of all running related purchases, and constantly reminds me I can do this.  When I need to bitch about a bad run or get some advice on a running issue, she always listens and responds with a " I know... I get it".

This girl is a vault of amazing information and I was really excited when she agreed to guest post for me (while I am away sunning scuba diving, drinking, and maybe running in Bonaire).  

Jill has run countless races from marathons to overnight relays.  I recruited/begged Jill to run Ragnar Cape Cod with me last year.  When she agreed, she also agreed to run the hardest leg with me on the other team.  We ran three legs  and a grand total of 24 miles (9 miles, 9 miles, and 6 miles).   When she wrote a blog post for AMACOM Books Blog about her experience with Ragnar and the teamwork required in running a Ragnar Relay, I had to link it up here.  

I mean the blog is called Running A Ragnar. 

Meet Jill and Enjoy!

Keep an eye out for a guest post or two from Jill on the blog this week.   
Thank you Jill.
For Everything.  

Happy Running


  1. well, even if i'm the only one reading... i am blushing. youre too sweet. (and now, i will go work on a guest post for you!)


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