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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a busy one but a good one.  Although I was born and raised Catholic, we stopped practicing Catholocism shortly after my first communion.   Not sure if that's a real term but you get the point.  We do not celebrate the religious aspect but instead use this holiday as a way to get together with family and friends.  I started off the day with a 2 mile walk downtown with the pup for some coffee and vitamin D.  After my walk I rode the horses, took a shower and found some bright and festive clothing for Easter with the family in Massachusetts.  

I decided on a bright neon pink sweater (Forever 21) and J Crew colored skinny jeans.  Bright fun festive casual and comfortable.  I had a light breakfast in the morning and was pretty hungry by noon.  We were having a late lunch at my aunts at 2:30 so I decided to have a yogurt and granola bar to satisfy the grumbling and ensure I did not walk into the door and dive right into the ham at 2:30.  

I am a lovely and thoughtful niece/goddaughter so I brought over some lovely potted tulips for the host.  I just can't spend money on cut flowers anymore.  They die so soon and that water STINKS.  At least potted flowers are fairly low maintenance and will not stink up the house.  

Lunch/Dinner  (Linner?) did not disappoint.  I went a little heavy on the servings but hey... it was a holiday and I was putting two meals into one.   Cod, potatoes, chick peas, carrots, more cod, more potatoes, asparagus and chicken.  An amazing and delicious Portuguese shmorgisboard prepared by my aunt.  

And everyone loves dessert  
I love Pie....... I love Blueberries. 
 This woman can book but boy can she bake.  It took everything in my power to just have one small slice and not hide the rest of the pie in my car. 

After the feasting was the gifting.  My 6 year old cousin didn't get an Easter basket or two or three.  She got an Easter PILE.  When did Easter become the new Christmas?  I am probably just jealous of all of her candy but still..... No one needs that much pastel and bunny themed junk.

After lots of feasting with family and lots of wedding talk regarding my sisters wedding, I headed home for some Sunday cleaning, packing, and food prep.  The cat decided she does not want to move and she rather stay here in Essex.  Me too cat... me too.  

I really love completing my long run on Saturday and using Sunday as a recovery day.  A long walk to loosen up my tired legs, food, family, and more food.  I Love Sundays.  

Hope everyone had a great Easter (and a great rest day) as well!

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