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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

70 Degrees and Some Motivation :)

If you live in Connecticut (or New England) you are probably on your way to work, sipping on an iced coffee (Dunkin of course) with your sunglasses on, windows down, singing and celebrating the fact that it's finally SPRING!

The weather report today is clear, sunny skies and a high of 70 degrees.  I am so excited for this little taste of summer.  Of course I coordinated this wonderful weather with my work schedule so today I am off sampling groundwater in the sunshine.

Before I go I decided to leave you with a little bit of motivation to get out there and run / walk / workout today. 

After my 18 mile Sunday I went to my HIIT class Monday and felt awesome.   Awesome even after running 18 miles the day before.  I was going to skip my class because I feared it was too close to my long distance run.  But then I thought to myself- its only a half hour- completely different muscles and movements, and I really enjoy this class.  I spent the entire day icing my left knee on and off, bought a compression sleeve for my knee, and went to my HIIT class with a positive attitude.  

My knee never bothered me, and while my muscles felt fatigued, the class felt great and almost felt like it was starting to get easier.  Like I said yesterday-  running is very mental for me.  A little positive thinking, proper fuel and smart decisions seem to be going a long way lately.

If you are looking for some mojo to jump start your workout- here it is. Now get off your computer, enjoy the sun, and go inspire someone to do the same ;)  

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