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Monday, April 1, 2013

She said WHAT?!

I had just run 17 miles, took a power shower, threw on some clothes and I was out the door to make a quick stop at the packy before meeting the girls for our trip to David's Bridal.  

50 dollars later, I had two bottles of champagne, OJ, a nip of Makers Mark for the bride, and some adorable little plastic champagne glasses for the ride.  They do not allow champagne in the salon so I decided we would just get our bubbly on during the car ride there. 

 It seemed a little foolish to spend so much money on champagne and accessories but hey... how many times do you get to go wedding dress shopping with your sister?


Ashley (bride) Victoria (sister/bridesmaid)  Courtney (bridesmaid) and I enjoyed our mimosas while we drove to the the store.
Don't worry Lucy (mother of the bride)  drove us to the appointment. No laws were broken.  Except for the one where I gave alcohol to a minor.  

David's Bridal of Warwick Rhode Island left a lot to be desired.  It was unorganized chaos with not so nice dressing rooms, a poor excuse for a runway, and just seemed really unimpressive over all.  We got over this quickly because the less than ideal conditions were worth the awesome discount we got, thanks to my aunt working in corporate.  My aunt works for quality assurance at the corporate level and it was nice of her to take the day to go shopping with us.  Ashley tried on about five dresses and left her favorite for last.  She is very fashion forward and wanted something outside the box, so we weren't surprised when she put on the last dress and fell in love.    

Dress Number Three- a contender but not the one.

Dress Number Four- Pretty but not it. 

The last dress she tried on was the one she knew she wanted all along.  A white Vera Wang with lots of tulle  a corset top, and a petal design around the boddice.  It is something I would never wear... but it fit her personality to a tee and looked amazing on her.  

She was really happy with the dress, and proved to be a low maintenance bride after she said yes to the fifth dress.  With Ashley's dress out of the way, we decided to spend a little bit of time trying on bridesmaid dresses.  

Ashley had already picked the color, a soft pink, and basically had the dresses picked out as well.  She picked a flowy knee length dress with a sweetheart neckline.  It was comfortable and flattering and everyone seemed happy with the choice.  They only had it in salmon and bright pink so you will have to use your imagination and imagine the dress in a really soft pink.  And pretend we are much more photogenic, and blame this awful picture on the terrible lighting... please?

At this point the day had been pretty perfect and drama free... not the way a bridal appointment is supposed to go! Well our less than lovely bridal helper outer decided she could change that REAL quick.  

We were all ready to check out, when I decided to ask a simple question.

Katie:  Is there anyway I can hold off a month or two to order the dress?  I am training for a marathon and I have already lost about 7 lbs... I am assuming I will lose a few more by the time this marathon training is over.

Delphina (Consultant):  "It takes 12 weeks for the dress to be made and shipped we do not carry any in that color in the store so no.  You should keep running because the dress was bunching and gathering unattractively around your thighs and legs.  I don't mean to offend you but BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH". 

Hold on.
This over weight woman in her 60's just told ME, ME who had just finished running 17 miles, ME who is hungry and tired, ME who hasn't even eaten a decent meal yet, told ME TO KEEP RUNNING!!!!

This was more than I could handle.  I am not a dramatic person, and it takes a lot to offend me, but I just couldn't hold it in, I put on my sunglasses and walked out of the bridal store in tears.  I work so hard to maintain a healthier life style, train for my races and lose weight, and here I am trying to celebrate this when this woman has the audacity to tell me I should keep running because I am still fat.....

I was feeling really down on myself and my self esteem was somewhere in the gutters.  I decided this awful human being had already ruined that appointment, I was not going to give her the satisfaction of ruining my day.  I decided to move on, go out buy some flowers, make some lunch, and promise myself I would write a letter to corporate describing the treatment I had received.  

$ 50 dollars of flowers, a chicken panini with a side of broccoli, Jack and Ginger, and a sunny day was what I needed for a little cheering up.  

This lovely duo combo had me feeling better... and then I heard JCREW was having a 50 percent off everything in their outlet sale.  I rushed in my car and sped over.  Retail therapy and some cute clothes and I was back to my normal self.  A bright and fun maxi dress and some bright blue skinny jeans can cure a lot of things. 

I learned you can't let people make or break your day, especially when its negative feedback from a complete stranger.  It was hurtful and wrong but instead of dwelling on her opinions of my body image, I am going to my 5:30 HIIT class excited to work up a sweat and work toward a healthier me.

Have you ever had a bad experience dress shopping or with a sales person?
What do you do to cope after a bad day?


  1. UHMMMM ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! As I was reading this, I was thinking about how fabulous you looked in that dress! Screw that saleslady. she was obviously just jealous! You are thin & beautiful!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. bahah I'm confused! Is it illegal or not illegal for passengers to have open containers in a moving vehicle.... this is important stuff!

  4. and by not illegal I mean legal.... definitely Monday......

  5. Thanks Maureen! What a mean lady I was feeling great until she rained on my parade.

  6. you DO look fantastic in that dress! Screw her!

  7. I concur with Maureen and Jill - you look fantastic!


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