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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back from an eventful trip to Bonaire

Hello friends!

I am back in the land of cell service and internet.  Luckily the weather here has been beautiful, making adjusting from the dutch Caribbean a little easier ;) 

All in all, I had a good trip.  I had some serious health issues that left me pretty miserable for a few days and unable to run.  Just my luck.

After the first day of diving, I got out of the water and my ears were BURNING.  Itchy, miserable and burning.  I brushed this off ... everyone told me I probably just ran into a jelly fish or two.

Later in the day I start to develop a mild rash.  I chalk this up to too much time in the sun and call it sun poisoning.  (keep in mind MOST of the day is spent in a full body wet suit).  

The next day I have a rash on my lower back... and then on my legs.... and then on my arms... and my hands... shoulders... neck..... chest.. EVERYWHERE.  It itches, it burns, it is very awful.

Day 3 I am absolutely miserable... sleeping on the cold tile floor for relief.  I finally sucked it up and went to the Bonaire Emergency Room.  They gave me an antihistamine for the allergic reaction and sent me to Hyperbaric Specialist to make sure I did not have skin decompression sickness after 3 days of diving.

Thankfully I did not have decompression sickness, just a severe allergic reaction to something.  The Hyperbaric Specialist gave me a gigantic cortizone shot (right in the hiny)  and sent me home.

To sum this up:  I went to Bonaire, was in complete miserable itchy pain for three days, went to the hospital, saw a specialist, and got a shot in my butt.  Thankfully the cortizone shot and antihistamines provided instant relief.  And with no insurance the bill was only $210 for both doctors.  And I was able to do some limited diving for my last day. 

Luckily I still was able to squeeze in 11 dives, the weather was beautiful,  and I was surrounded by a great group of friends who took care of me while I was falling apart.  I will spare you pictures of the rash.  I spent the week responding to the nick name "Cootie Katie"- never a dull moment when you travel with me!!!

Unluckily my ankle is still very swollen and I am going to have to defer my marathon until next year.  I have an appointment with my general doctor about my skin issues this morning, and then an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at 1 to discuss the ankle.

I am falling apart at the seams!  Hope everything is staying safe and healthy while I try to put myself back together.  Run a few miles for me. 

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