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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fell off the bandwagon

Last week I fell off the band wagon..... hard.    Monday I went to my HIIT class, Wednesday I went for a 3 mile run.... and that was it.  3 miles in one week is a rough week of marathon training.  Instead of getting really bummed out about it and feeling defeated, I realized a few things:

*  I had that funky knee pain last week and taking a week off isn't the worst thing.  I have been training pretty hard so a week off wont kill me.

*  I read an article saying at this stage... less is more.  Well iv'e got that down to a science.  

*  If I don't run first thing in the morning on the weekends, I am never going to run that day, no matter what I tell myself.  Commit to run first thing in the morning even if that means waking up at 5 am on a Saturday. 

*   I got to spend Saturday and Sunday morning doing normal people things like sleeping, cooking and cleaning.  What a nice change of pace. 

*  Instead of being tired and sore all weekend I:

---Rode Bradley and gave him a bath- as you can see he really enjoyed it...

---Went out for a fantastic dinner and enjoyed 1$ Oyster Happy Hour at the Oyster Club in Mystic, Connecticut.  

---Was able to drink a few Makers Mark Mojitos without worrying about a hang over or being dehydrated

---Started packing for my trip and started packing up the house for the big move.  

I am not going to get down on myself about last week because what good will that do?  Instead I am going to make this week count.  Monday 5 miles and HIIT, Tuesday horseback riding, Wednesday 5 miles, Thursday walk with the dog, Friday 20 miles.  Saturday Bonaire!

Happy Monday everyone! 
Hoping its a productive workout week for me.  


  1. I know there is a fine balance between overtraining and getting injured and not training enough, but based on your weekly mileage, I would say that you would probably benefit from more miles! Or drop the half, if that's an option :)

    You can probably complete a full on your level of mileage, but it's going to hurt or be slow (or both). It's not to late to build your base before the race!

    P.S. Your horse is beautiful!

  2. thank you!

    I am definitely undertrained ( and bare minimum for training ) but I ran 18 miles last weekend and felt great- I still have over a month to the marathon so I am just going to bump it up now- It is my first marathon so I have no time expectations just to finish.

    Thanks for the advice !


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