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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bonaire bound !

It is finally here!  

I am on my way to Newark and off for a week in Bonaire diving and playing in the sun.  I am hoping to squeeze a few runs in but that depends on the newly formed cankle. 

 I wont cry over missing a few runs but I am a little nervous about diving with a bad ankle.  While diving is low impact, it will be straining on my ankle to swim in the fins.

One day at a time though....

I had to pack almost all of my scuba gear (BC, regulator, fins, boots, wet suit, computer, masks) in my carry on.  This left about no room for clothes.  I tried to go bare minimum on the clothes.

I packed 6 dresses, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of gym shorts, a few running tanks, undergarments, and lots of bikinis.  And I will be wearing a pair of pants and a jacket there.  I think that's everything.  I plan to live in a bikini all week anyway!.

I laid out the cute jewelry I wanted to wear with the dresses to make sure I didn't forget any accessories ;) 

I managed to fit all of that in these three bags.  My checked bag really isn't that big and it fit all of my scuba gear and most clothes.   I put my regulator, mask, and dive computer in the red and white laptop bag as a carry on.  I put the rest of my clothes, books, electronics, and documentation in my beach bag.  
I am still amazed I life into three bags.  

After all of that packing I sat n the couch  painted my nails, and stuffed these two coldstone ice cream cupcakes down the ol' hatch.  Delicious.

I have set up a few posts/guest posts for your viewing pleasures while I am away.  Not sure if I will have cell service or internet in Bonaire... I am assuming no.  It seems like a realllly tiny not so popular island.
I had never heard of it... have you?

While reading a brochure they suggested "to prevent the windows in your rental car from being smashed, leave your vehicle unlocked and all belongings at the hotel".

So I am guessing internet is a no no.

I hope everyone has a great week with some great runs.  Can't wait to report back with details from the trip.  And I hope you LOVE the guest posts :)

Happy traveling,

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  1. Have FUN!!! And um, coldstone ice cream cupcakes?! I'm glad I read this now and not earlier or I would go get me some right now.


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