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Friday, September 27, 2013

3 Miles and a new leash- Ruffwear Review


The week went by quite fast for me.
  In fact, I spent most of Thursday thinking it was Wednesday.

The Thursday morning run did not happen this week.
Stacie was out at a Yankes game until late and I was exhausted after Scuba Wednesday.

I did manage to squeeze a quick 3 miles during my lunch break though.
And quick indeed.
Well quick by Katie standards :)

3 Miles around Old Lyme in 25:12 minutes, 
thats an 8:24 avg pace.  
Olive and I were cruising!
These stems are much faster after noon. 

I was also super excited to try out Olives new Ruffwear leash.  
Verdict?  It is AMAZING.  
Really cool clasp, a grab handle near the clasp, and an awesome buckle and extendable handle.  This means you can turn the handle into a waist belt for hands free running.  If you run with your dog, you need this. The clip is also really convenient for when you need to tie your pooch up outside the coffee shop while you grab a quick coffee :) 

By putting the leash around my waist it makes the leash nice and short (or maybe my waist is just too big)- but either way, it is perfect for keeping my pooch close on busier roads.  

Olive wasn't too sure about it....
But I loved it!

After our run, we went for a little walk to cool down 
and take some pictures of the beautiful New England fall day in Old Lyme, CT. 

Olive was really curious, yet really afraid of the Cows.  
Silly Olive. 

Farms, cows, cool crisp air, and changing leaves.  
Can a day get any better?

Why YES!  
The day can get better!  And it did.
As you will read in the next post :)  


  1. Huh... it seems like a waist leash could be a bad idea if you have a big dog and decided to stop running suddenly. The dog would keep going and pull you right over! Haha. I suppose that just means you shouldn't suddenly stop ;)

    1. Ha! Good point- It is important to train your dog good leash/running etiquette before strapping them to your waist :). I also find it really helps to have a harness on my dog. She responds much better when running.

      Happy Trails!


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