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Friday, September 6, 2013

What to expect in your first spin class

My First Spin Class 

 I woke up before 5 to ride a stationary bike in the dark.

I was really excited when I opened my email to see a Groupon gift from Lucy
My mother. 

Ten classes at the gym?  Free?  For me?
This is awesome.  I was so excited that I went to Groupon and bought myself the same groupon- well the 15 class option.  I now have 25 classes to use at Shoreline Fitness.  25 classes for 20 $.  This is AMAZING.
The only catch is you have to use the groupon within 30 days of redeeming it.
So I will have to go 2-3 times a week to use each set within the month.

I saw the schedule and looked at the 5:30 and 6:00 am workout slots.  I am (slowly) turning into a morning workouter and I am starting to enjoy the accomplishments of getting my workout in and a shower before most of the world wakes up.

Looking at the schedule, I saw that there is a 5:30 spin class.  I have never tried Spin and I have always wanted to.  My friend Kristen already has a membership class and agreed to meet me at 5:20 for the class.

Getting up at 4:45 was quite brutal- It was still pitch dark out and I was still tired from a late night out celebrating a college friends 30th birthday.

I put on my big girl panties gym shorts and ran out the door.  

When I got to spin, it was not what I expected. 
 I expected the normal bikes you see at the gym.  
You know, big comfy seats, slanted back in a magazine reading position. 

Instead I was welcomed by this:
Hard microscopic seat, 
uncomfortable handle bars,
 and really awkward pedals. 
 Oh and this weird red button that is apparently how you switch gears/resisitance

I must have looked really confused because the instructor came over, adjusted my seat and pedal straps and "tucked" me into my bike.  The instructor was a hard core looking biker, with gigantic leg muscles, a bandana, and enough energy and spunk to make me laugh at 5:30 am. 

What was very cool and unexpected was the setting of the room.  
It took place in a windowless room, with the lights off, black lights on, and music loud.  

I really liked that the lights were off and no one could tell how far my shorts were lodged up my ass, or how much sweat was pouring down my face.  What I could see was the instructors legs moving a thousand miles a minute.  At some points I was nearly certain he was going to fly off his bike and take off like a helicopter.  

If you are going to your first spin class:
Expect the class to last an hour
* Wear longer pants-  I spent a lot of time pulling my shorts out of my butt.  Not fun
* Bring water and a rag (this I did do)
You may fall out of your pedals, and you may have a sore ass for a while.
 I have both 
* Don't be too shy to ask the instructor for help or advice, 
I was really glad when he came over to help me out and I would have never asked on my own 

Here is what you can expect to hear or do
Rolling Hills- changing your resistance up and down to stimulate rolling hills 
Big Climbs - long periods of high resistance to stimulate steep hills
Jumps- sitting three beats standing three beats while pedaling
Sprints-  pedaling as fast as your little legs can go 
Warm up/cool down 

 Cadence:  The instructor wanted us to match his cadence, aka match his rhythm/leg motions and pedal at his speed.   He wanted us to try to keep his resistance and increase and decrease when he gave the commands, but you can really change the resistance based on your experience and comfort level.
Bump it:  increase in resistance (I kept thinking of that game..)
Quarter turn/full turn:  increase resistance by that much on the knob
Jumps:  switching from standing and sitting while pedaling  (3 beats each)

What really made the class awesome for me was the lights, this guys crazy enthusiasm, and the music.  I LOVED his play list and I wish my silly brain could remember all of the fantastic songs I was sweating too.  I have to sneak a recorder in next time.... 

I learned that Spin class is only as fun as you make it.  This guy was full of energy, and at times was even coyote HOWLING (and then certain participants howled back- weird and funny).  I even heard him meow over the mic at one point.   He was so energetic, motivating, instructive, he was great.   I couldn't help but look around the room and laugh, at these group of sweaty grownups, on stationary bikes, in a dark room, pretending we were outside biking up hills and passing people.  It was really funny when he would announce we were "climbing a hill" or "passing someone "  or he would constantly shout WHATS YOUR NUMBER (I think in reference to heart rates..)

If you don't think too hard, spinning seems really confusing and stupid when you can just go ride your bike however in the sunshine and beautiful scenery.  If you think a little harder,  spinning is an awesome workout in a controlled environment (with AC and water) with someone teaching you and motivating you the entire ride.  

I really enjoyed my spin class and I am really excited to make it a weekly thing.  I was really intimidated at first so I brought a friend with me to break the ice.

  I hope this post motivated you to try something new, and hop on a stationary bike nearest you. 
Almost every gym has a spin class... Sign up!  
Great cross training for runners!

Happy Spinning,

Oh and here is some spinning humor before you go
And yes.
Expect this to happen 


  1. I LOVE spin class!! I love how it's dark, and just the energy of the whole thing. Your instructor sounds a little crazy! Lol! But I would be crazy too if I had to get up that early!
    Oh, and the booty hurting only last 2-3 classes. That ecard is hilarious- and oh so true!

  2. only last 2-3 classes... I guess I better hurry up and attend another! No pain no gain right?

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