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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A love letter to Honey Butter

A Love Letter To No One Honey Butter

I need to take some time away from running 
to tell you about my new favorite thing.  

Honey Butter

It's honey, and butter, and cinnamon.  
That is it.  
Three ingredients, two words, so much love. 

I was strolling though the Sunday Chester Farmer's Market (amazing) when I stopped at the honey stand.  I like honey but I don't really use it much.  Don't get my wrong, I want to like honey more.....I don't really drink tea and I don't really cook with it.  
But then I saw this tub, 
with a cute little bee, 
and the word butter.

It had the word butter in it... 
it was butter.. 
it had to be good.

The lovely lady from Stonewall Apiary, LLC gave me a sample, 
and you know what they say.  
The rest is history.  

When I first got my tub of HB 
(yes we are already giving each other pet names),
 I put it on EVERYTHING. 

It started off with honey butter on toast, then I started putting it on my ice cream, then I put it IN MY COFFEE and before I knew it, I was dipping bananas in it.
Anything and everything goes with honey butter I think.....
It was an unhealthy relationship

This love affair was strong so I had to put some distance in the relationship.  I moved the tub of HB to the work fridge, limiting out time together from 9-5 and limiting the ingredients I could dip in my HB.  

My favorite to date is cold honey butter on a hot English muffin.  
Gooey, melty, cinnamon, it is fall in a few crispy bites.  

If you don't have a farmers market selling honey butter by you, 

Now I know covering everything in butter isn't healthy, but let me preach this:  Eating local honey helps your allergies.  See?  I am helping my allergies.  An article states  "Some research supports the theory that local honey obtained as close as possible to where you live may help build an immunity to local allergies".  
Don't believe me? 

Buy it... make it... I don't care how but you MUST try it and you must tell me all of the wonderful things you put it on. 

Cinnamon Rolls?
Ohh... that is next
Send me your best cinnamon roll recipe.  Pronto. 


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