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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pottery, People, and another missed run.

I wish I could post to you all about my AWESOME 3 mile run I did Tuesday 
(that I pushed to Wednesday... oh and then Thursday..)
But as you can see I did not do it. 


My long run Monday really screwed up my Tuesday /Thursday routine.   Tuesday early morning was too soon after my late Monday run.  Wednesday, I woke up to a chillly 45 degrees outside, and some very sore stems.  

No running to report on the blog today.  
Don't worry, I haven't been completely lazy and useless, 
horse is still being ridden and I am going to my usual Scuba Wednesday after work.  

I have hopes to run tomorrow so send me good vibes.  
Oh and coffee.  Send me coffee.  

Because I can't talk about running (because I am a slacker)  
I figured I would post about one of my amazing friends and fellow runners.  
The girl is a natural born athlete, soccer, skiing, running, you name it.  
She still holds our high school track record for the hurdles.  The girl is good at everything.  
Not just sports though,  She even has an artsy side to her.  The girl is also amazing at pottery. 
 An Amazing Potist?  An Amazing Potteryer? 
 Call her what you would like but she makes some pretty amazing stuff. 

So what, I have a cool friend who is good at everything, including clay.  Well it gets even better.  She had the amazing and unique idea that instead of having flashy floral centerpieces like everyone else, she was going to design, sculpt, and paint her own vases for her wedding. 

Get out of town.  

I thought this was such an amazing idea.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on flowers that will just die, she is going to make amazing vases (with a few flowers of course)  that she personalized designed, and painted in her wedding colors.  Instead of going crazy on flowers, the vases will serve as centerpieces themselves.   

After the wedding guests will be able to take home her vases she spent a year making.  

So sweet, so personal, and such an amazing touch.  
She already had three down.  Aren't they beautiful? 

 She is going to blog about her progress with the vases on her blog, you can click here to find her blog.  I thought it was such a unique and adorable idea that I just had to share it.  If you are looking to get into pottery, want to buy some of her pieces, or want some fun ideas, head over to Holbrook Ceramics .
Thanks for stopping by,


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  1. My running sounds about like yours... it keeps getting put off this week. I hate that! Omg, your friend is brilliant!! What a lovely, creative idea!


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