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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Mile Run on Block Island

Newtons enjoying the view on Block Island 

It is SO nice to be able to say: 
My name is Katie Arruda and I have gone two weeks without cheating on my running schedule
Runners Anonymous anyone?

Last week I ran my scheduled Tuesday 3 and Thursday 3.5  (hills)  
with my 7 mile long run Sunday

This week I ran Tuesday 3 and Thursday 4 (hills)  
with a long run of 9 on the agenda. 

 Now back to that 7 miler.  

It feels really good to start climbing up in distance 
after my summer of 3 mile runs. 
 I was a little nervous about jumping up in distance quickly, 
but knew I would be on Block Island for my scheduled long run and I knew the new scenery would help me through.

While at the house with about 13 other friends, 
I asked if anyone wanted to join me on my run. 
 I asked more out of politeness than seriousness.... 
who can just pick up and run 7 miles?  
Certainly not me!

I was baffled when not one but TWO of the girls chimed in
"We would love to"

You would love to?  
And you can just unplanned unscheduled for no reason get up and run 7 miles?

Oh how I wish I could be THAT girl

About 1 mile into the run 
I learned they both ran cross country and track, 
and even ran through college.  
Sometimes up to 40 miles a week.
Oh was I in trouble. 

We decided to do a 3.5 mile out an back.  I hate out and backs - hate hate hate-  I think its the the repeat of scenery, the knowing I have to repeat that stretch.
I decided on the out and back because I did not want to worry about consulting a map and missing a turn.  Out and Backs are my "go to run" for new locations. 
Here is the route we ran:

If you are familiar with Block Island, we ran from the northern lighthouse (Thatcher's grandfathers house we stayed  in is the very last driveway at the northern tip of the island) all the way down the main road (Corn Neck Beach) past the town beach.  We turned around at that little bridge where kids jump off of into the water below (Beach Road).

(here is a picture of Jens Risom in front of his beautiful famous Block Island getaway)

The first mile I felt creaky and stiff
Second mile I felt... creaky and heavy
We were running 9:30 minute miles but I felt like I was chasing the girls.
When I hit mile 3 I finally started to feel better.
 The hills and the humidity wasn't something I was prepared for, 
and I did not bring any water with me on the run. 
(rookie mistake)
 Miles 4, 5, 6, went by rather quickly, 
and by mile 7 I glanced at my watch to see a 8:30 pace.  
I was cruising (by my standards at least)

I am NOT used to running that fast because I was fairly certain I was going to keel over and die those first five minutes after our run.  The above chart from my garmin breaks down our splits etc. While trying to view my splits I managed to add on an extra minute of time, making my average more than it should be.  We ran 7 miles in 1:06 which is good in my books, especially with the humidity and some hills.  9:25 pace which I so lazily figured out with this pace calculator

I think I was sore about... 
20 minutes after that run.  
Good thing I had a long day at the beach to relax.

Oh and a big bowl of pasta for dinner.  

Oh... and S'mores for dessert

I wish I had a bunch of beautiful Block photos to show you but... I was only there for two days, the weather was grimy, and I did not do ANYTHING touristy.  No shops, no bars, no restaurants.  I ate, slept, went to the beach, and ran.  
I was actually asleep by 9 each night, and up by 6:30, 7:00. 
It was a nice and much needed break.  


  1. Sounds like fun! And it's always nice to have company for a run- even if you do feel like you're chasing them. :)

  2. yes it is! and looking at the times we werent going fast at all! Just heavt legs! But it is really nice to have company !


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