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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Oh Blogger, 
Why you delete my post and all my captions and lovely words?

You suck.  
Because it is Wednesday and I am far too tired to re write this entire post,
 I will leave you with a weekend via pictures.  

And a few bullets

Friday:  Wine and dinner by the fire with my family and my dog 

Saturday:  8 am Yoga on the farm, farmers market, really tough 9 mile run, rode the horses, made fresh pasta.  Found a recipe for two ingredient cookies (highlight)

Sunday:  8am Body Pump class (ass kicker), walk with the Dog, unloaded a l o t of hay.

                     (this is what I look like after a really tough 9 miles, angry and hungry)


  1. Love everything about this post (minus the fact that Blogger deleted the actual post)! Those pictures make me want to move to the country right now! Farmers market yoga, fresh vegetables, homemade pasta! Keep it up so I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. Your sandwich looks totally deelish. I would be seriously mad if blogger deleted my whole post! Well, I'm still glad you posted some pics. :)


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