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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wedding Weekend - Ashley and Jon Tie The Knot

The holiday weekend is over 
the week is f l y i n g by.  

This weekend I managed a rehearsal dinner, wedding, weekend on Block Island, and a 7 mile run.  
I should talk about the running first, but naturally I am going to share some photos of the wedding instead.  

What do you think this is... a Running Blog?

I will get a post to you all tomorrow about running and my half marathon training.  
But in the mean time, please enjoy the beautiful amateur shots from my sister's wedding.

P S I caught the bouquet... beware bachelors. 

For the rehearsal dinner I wore this really cute purpley/pink lattice top cocktail dress. 
 I put my hair in a curly side pony.  
The dress was super fun and got a lot of compliments.  
All for 25$ at Marshals.  

The bridesmaids wore strapless petal pink dresses from David's Bridal (about $100) 
 with champagne colored shoes, and necklaces from Eves Addiction.  

The bride wore a Vera Wang dress from David's Bridal 
with some jewelry from Eves Addiction and a cute little bird cage instead of a vail.
I bought her the "Mrs Dwyer" hanger as a wedding day gift- (Etsy ~13$ plus shipping )


For my makeup- the artist did a smokey "cat" eye with 
lots of pink eye shadow and pink lip stain. 
 It was really heavy for me (I never wear makeup)
but it looked great and I was really happy with it.  


For my hair- I a l w a y s wear my hair down, 
but for a long hot day in August  I decided to put it all up.  

I showed her a picture of exactly what I wanted and she made it look even better. 
 I had a side part with a braid that wrapped around a curly messy bun in the back.
I had her tease my hair and made a "bump" at the crown, and I gave her a fake bun 
(I named Beyonce- code word was BEYONCE IS LOOSE if the bun was slipping)
 to place under my hair to make my bun look big and messy (I have really thin hair)

Kind of messy in this photo- but it was pretty- 
and 45 pins ensured Beyonce stayed put. 

Isabelle did an amazing job on all of the girls hair, 
and the makeup artist did a fantastic job making us all look stunning.  
The Bride look absolutely gorgeous,
Don't you think?

Finished product, hours and hundreds of dollars later. 
 Looking good aint easy, huh?

The Beautiful Bridal party- 
I really liked the colors she chose-
soft pinks and greys.

Our hair and makeup ran about 2 hours longer than expected 
(1 make up artist and 1 hair dresser isnt enough- book two)
so we missed our pictures down by the river -
 and the whole gap for pictures reserved before the wedding, unfortunately.
We took some pretty pictures on the lawn instead. 

Table settings were gorgeous, flowers were outstanding,
 I think it was everything she wanted.  And more.

Of course there was lots of dancing. 

Speeches, toasting and laughing.  
My mother taped my speech and once I can figure out 
how to get it off facebook and on the blog, I will 

Lots of smiles 

Lots of cake 
And there was even an ice cream truck. 

Lots of flowers and a pretty exciting bouquet toss.
Why so exciting??

Because I leapt out of the air and caught it
Like a bird-  maybe the best picture of the night,
I am so excited to see how the professional pictures of the whole day come out. 

\It was such an amazing day for Ashley.  
Sort of surreal that my big sister is MARRIED and we no longer have the same last name.
I had such an amazing time, but I will say I am sort of glad it is all over. 
 The fun and the spending are done,
 now it is time to kick back, enjoy fall, 
eat and drunk pumpkin EVERYTHING
and oh

Stay tuned because tomorrow the blog goes back to running! 

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